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Theater Camp Guide
The Brimmer And May Day Camp

The Brimmer And May Day Camp Theatre Camp Guide

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69 Middlesex Road
Chestnut Hill,MA 2467

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Camp Type: Day
Session Length: 2 Weeks
Camp Focus: Exploration, Self Discovery
Extra Activities: Traditional Camp Activities, Arts, Sports

We are proud to offer a variety of exciting and enriching programs designed to meet your family's summer needs. We offer campers a traditional day camp experience as well as the opportunity to explore specific areas of interest in one of our specialty camps. All of our programs are created and run by caring and committed educators who seek to provide a vibrant, safe, and stimulating environment for our campers. The camp staff is dedicated to making every camper feel acknowledged and supported as they try new things and interact with others. Our goal is to provide each camper with a memorable summer filled with new adventures and lasting friendships. We invite you to explore the program descriptions to learn more. You are also welcome to visit our beautiful campus to see first-hand what makes our community so unique. Personal tours can be scheduled anytime by contacting the camp office.

Brimmer is a community of expert faculty, devoted staff, supportive families, and outstanding students all dedicated to being well educated. Our robust interdisciplinary curriculum and engaging learning environment inspire our students each day, paving the way for success in school and life.

Our students thrive in a learning environment that inspires curiosity and empowers learners to push the boundaries of their own education. Our faculty offer a multi-dimensional well-researched curriculum and use instructional practices that provide the skills, attitudes, and abilities needed and valued in an interconnected society. Our students develop thinking skills and intellectual habits, use their imagination and creativity, and form a global awareness as they grow and develop as individuals.

Brimmer’s faculty, across all divisions and disciplines, work closely together and collaborate with one another to produce a rich, relevant, and robust curriculum. Because of this, our students learn to work well in teams and to think creatively and analytically about complex topics, particularly in the STEAM disciplines. From an early age our students learn to speak publicly, demonstrate their knowledge using a variety of mediums, and exercise their imaginations to produce innovative work. Our focus on creativity goes beyond the arts program itself and infuses the core curriculum.

Our students are from diverse backgrounds—both international and domestic—helping us learn about different cultures within our own community. In our culturally responsive environment, faculty create their lessons using a global lens, so our students learn about other cultures, languages, and people while developing the skills needed in our increasingly interconnected global society. In Pre-Kindergarten, our students start studying world languages and by 12th grade they have traveled abroad through our Winterim program. Brimmer’s value-centered culture helps our students become honest, respectful, responsible, and kind citizens who view their world with an open mind and spirit of wonder.