Feature: Emma Freeman Becomes First Artist Released on Brashtooth Records with SILVER CUP

One little Tik Tok video led to art born in a vaccum.

By: Jun. 12, 2021
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Feature: Emma Freeman Becomes First Artist Released on Brashtooth Records with SILVER CUP

Each of us has a memory, be it vague or prominent, of a moment in our youth when someone older said to us, "When I was a kid..." and some people heard the phrase on a regular basis, regular enough that it has become the stuff of which comedy routines and television shows are made. As we age, if we are lucky, we manage to avoid being the when-I-was-a-kid person, and the best way to do that is to not shut ourselves off to new ideas, to go with modern activities, and to grow with those younger than ourselves. There are those who denigrate the generation of social media, declaring they know not how to connect with others.

For Aaron David Gleason and Emma Freeman, that will never be the case.

Feature: Emma Freeman Becomes First Artist Released on Brashtooth Records with SILVER CUP Mr. Gleason, a singer-songwriter who is not yet old but who is no longer a kid, shared a composition of his making on his Tik Tok channel. Ms. Freeman, a singer-songwriter a generation or two behind Gleason, responded with a matching vocal to lyrics of her own composition, and the first verse of a song was born. The two artists' mutual audiences on the social media platform were so enthralled by the creation happening before their very eyes that strangers began to ask, with marked interest, when the single would be released. In no time at all Freeman and Gleason were in the (virtual) recording studio.

SILVER CUP is the new single by Emma Freeman and Aaron David Gleason, the single born out of those exchanges on Tik Tok. Released yesterday (June 11th) Silver Cup was produced on Mr. Gleason's own label, Brashtooth Records, though he is quick to point out that Ms. Freeman is not signed with the company - she shared her talents with Brashtooth for this single and remains a free agent.

"I'm very honored and proud to have Emma as our first artist, if only for this single, which came about in such a pure way."

Feature: Emma Freeman Becomes First Artist Released on Brashtooth Records with SILVER CUP When ADG posted his guitar solo on Tik Tok it was a simple, lovely contribution to his social media, designed to offer a minute of entertainment distraction for his followers but when the young actress/singer-songwriter with whom Gleason had appeared onstage years ago in a production of The Fantasticks used the "duet" feature on Tik Tok to contribute her lyrics and vocals, the online response was immediate. Freeman's ethereal lyrics and a haunting vocal melody inspired by Gleason's original TikTok composition sparked in their followers a strong reaction that would not be denied. The two former colleagues who had not really stayed in touch made the decision to finish the composition together... all via remote. None of the artists who appear on SILVER CUP were ever in a room together. Mr. Gleason, Ms. Freeman, and musician Neal Rosenthal all recorded separate tracks from their own homes during the pandemic, tracks that were submitted to renowned mixer TJ Elias, who made musical magic by melding all the tracks into one, while Dan Millice mastered the recording to be released with Ms. Freeman receiving the largest billing. As producer of the single, Gleason wanted Emma to take the lead, one that kept the recording sparse and ghostly, so while Ms. Freeman did four layered vocal tracks, Mr. Gleason took the guitar track, with Neal Rosenthal providing two cello tracks.

"I've done a lot of big production work and this was my chance to go COMPLETELY in the other direction. Emma is a wonderful vocalist and she did the vocal arrangement, and I dare say, she's brilliant at it."

Feature: Emma Freeman Becomes First Artist Released on Brashtooth Records with SILVER CUP When it came to the words, though, Aaron David is quick to point out that the mysterious lyrics are all Emma Freeman - he may have contributed some structural ideas, maybe a word or two, but that what the listener hears on the beautifully hypnotic recording is "pretty much what Emma brought in." Gleason is ardent in his support of Ms. Freeman who he says "at only twenty-four, has a very bright future." Asked why he chose Emma to be the first new artist released on his Brashtooth Records, Aaron points out that her individuality and originality led all decisions regarding the release, that her artistry is perfectly suited to the Brashtooth philosophy. "At Brashtooth, the artist knows best, not the label. We work in true collaboration with our artists. I'm a huge fan of Emma's and I'm very proud of this collaboration."

Feature: Emma Freeman Becomes First Artist Released on Brashtooth Records with SILVER CUP This collaboration of which Gleason speaks might never have happened if he were not the type of artist open to the creative ways of young artists who have a different vocabulary, both musically and creatively. Growing from the young artist himself into a family man with responsibilities and a business to run, Aaron David Gleason has never turned his back on the ferocity of youth. Keeping up with how things are done by the next generation and surrounding himself with the exciting talent being born and nurtured by new technology that includes the voices of the masses is how Gleason reconnected with Emma Freeman, an artist for whom he has a wealth of respect and appreciation. He is convinced she is the next big up-and-comer in the music industry, and beyond proud that this lovely recording created from seeds planted on social media should help bring her to her fans, and to the people of the world who seek out interesting and provocative new musical talent.

Silver Cup is a June 11, 2021 release available on all streaming platforms.

Learn more about Emma Freeman on the Emma Freeman website HERE.

Learn more about Aaron David Gleason on the Aaron David Gleason website HERE.

Silver Cup Artwork: Elizabeth Savanella

SILVER CUP lyrics:

Once in a while

When the light goes dim, I can picture you sitting there

Your silver cup filled to the brim

And I remember the way you used to brush my hair

I still feel your fingers there

Gave your all to me

Laying by the sterling stream

I want to be where you are

But as time moves on it gets hard

Once in a while

Before the nightmares start, I imagine you laughing

A voice that pierces through the dark

And I remember the way you came into my bed

I still hear the words you said

Give your all to me

Can you feel the summer breeze?

I want to be where you are

But as time moves on it gets harder and harder to find you

(Give your all to me, by the sterling stream)

It's been a while (oh, I want to be)

But when the light goes dim, I still picture you sitting there

Harder and harder to find you