WARx2 Movie Wins Best Film of the Year Audience Choice Award by PBS Television

WARx2 is coming to select theaters on March 20, 2015. Rated PG-13 by theMotion Picture Association of America(MPAA), the film is entitled WARx2 to illustrate the fact that U.S. soldiers may be fighting two wars: one is the physical or gun war; and the other is the spiritual or unseen war, the war of ghosts and spirits.

Over 8,000 U.S. military soldiers and veterans committed suicide in 2013 and 20,000 U.S. soldiers tried to commit suicide in 2013. Is this the war of ghosts and spirits; spiritual warfare, mind control, or mind attack using ghosts and spirits? This is very common in Arab, African and other foreign cultures and traditions. Middle Eastern Radical Terrorists use ghosts and/or spirits to brainwash and recruit young westerners to become terrorists.

WARx2 tries to uncover the link between these two very serious national security issues through research, experiments, and interviews about spiritual attacks, mind attacks,ormind control from ghosts and/or spirits.

The WARx2 movie uses all available means, including Almighty God, Science, Holy books like the Bible, and different religions, beliefs, cultures, traditions, etc.,to explain that the devil (evil spirits) exist and can cause harmful ghostly and spiritual attacks on living people. Included are interviews with ghost owners, victims and witnesses of these attacks. It's time to learn the sixth sense, the signs and symptoms, and how and when to protect yourself, family, and friends.

WARx2 focuses on non-fictional real life accounts and practical aspects of this serious topic and uses all available resources to describe the mechanism of these spirits, ghostly attacks, and spiritual warfare. Contrary to popular belief, WARx2 will show that there are ways for people to detect and protect themselves against spirits and ghostly attacks.

Viewers of the film, WARx2, will gain understanding about mind control, spiritual attacks, and ghostly attacks that may be sent by people from different cultures. They will learn how the enemy may use ghosts and spirits to fight and retaliate. Interesting particulars are explored considering ghost fights vs. gun fights. With this detailed information, the Strasson Group hopes to help our soldiers protect themselves against suicidal tendencies and prevent the youth from joining foreign terrorist groups.

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SOURCE Strasson Group