VIDEO: Emmy Rossum Discusses Her Meeting With the Real ANGELYNE

Angelyne begins streaming on Peacock May 19.

By: May. 13, 2022

In Peacock's new series Angleyne, Emmy Rossum transforms into the mysterious Los Angeles icon that she has been trying to figure out since she was 13 years old.

"I saw her billboard out the window of a Hertz rental car and I was just shocked. Like, who is this woman? ... So I started asking people like, 'Who is this woman Angelyne?' and everyone would light up and then tell me a completely different story," she REVEALED to BroadwayWorld in a new interview about the series.

ANGELYNE is a story about fame, identity, survival, billboards, Corvettes, lingerie, men, women, women teasing men, men obsessed with women, West Hollywood, crystals, UFOs, and most importantly of all, the self-proclaimed Rorschach test in pink, glow-in-the-dark queen of the universe, Angelyne.

Before the series begins streaming on May 19, BroadwayWorld caught up with Rossum to discuss what went down during her one-on-one meeting with Angelyne herself, how she prepared to play her, and how Angelyne is the "original influencer."

The new series also features Martin Freeman, Alex Karpovsky, Hamish Linklater, Charlie Rowe, Lukas Gage, Michael Angarano, Molly Ephraim, Philip Ettinger, Antjuan Tobias, Tonatiuh and David Krumholtz.

Watch the new interview here: