VIDEO: Amber Riley Performs a 'Fierce' Samba on DWTS

Amber Riley and her partner Derek Hough danced the Samba on this week's DANCING WITH THE STARS on ABC. "I hit a wall this week - I was extremely frustrated. The samba is very hard!" revealEd Riley prior to her performance, adding "I worked very hard and I hope it pays off."

Exclaimed Bruno following a standing ovation from the crowd, "The Amber magic! I was really looking for something wrong... but you did everything right!"

"Every time I watch you all I can think of is fierce!", shouted Carrie Ann. "You nail every move you make - it was like a turn on!"

"Why don't you boo now and get it over with," warned Len before he began his critique. "It was a fantastic routine but I found it a tad repetitive. But let me say this, This girl is a fantastic dancer."

The couple earned a score of 28, including 10's from Carrie Ann and Bruno.

This week, the show included a brand new round of competition called the live improvisational 'Switch Up Challenge' in which the couples competed against each other while dancing to four different types of music that would be randomly changed as they performed. Amber and Derek won their round of competition and received an additional 4 points for their total score. They will move on to next week's round of competition.

VIDEO: Amber Riley Performs a 'Fierce' Samba on DWTS