SYMFINITY Plays Fontana's, 8/2

SYMFINITY Plays Fontana's, 8/2

Symfinity, an alternative rock band fused with classical orchestral music have announced a show in support of the release of their debut album, Intangible Dreams. 

The band will be playing at Fontana's August 2 at 7:45pm . The album is spearheaded by composer/songwriter, Seann Branchfield, who writes and arranges a collection of songs ranging from gothic metal to folk ballads with special emphasis on flute and piano as promininent melodic instruments. Branchfield's primary inspirations for the music on Intangible Dreams are the bands Nightwish and Trans-Siberian Orchestra as well as composer John Williams

Fontana's is located at 105 Eldridge Street (between Broome St. & Grand St.) in New York City. Admission is $7.00. Showtime is at 7:45pm. Venue information and directions, please go to:

Intangible Dreams is available at:, and also iTunes and  

For more information and concert dates: 

Symfinity is a symphonic rock band, founded by Seann Branchfield (vocals/guitar) and Nicole Schroeder (flute), initially known as "Seann Branchfield and the Unnamed Band"  from summer 2009 to summer 2010. They have performed with over 40 guest musicians, playing all types of orchestral instruments since founding the band, playing parts of the orchestration that Branchfield has composed. In addition to playing clubs in New York, they have played across the country in various cities in Pennsylvania, Oregon, Rhode Island and Georgia.  The band is currently touring with a new line up and working on their second album with full orchestra. 

Seann Branchfield is an atypical rock musician. Growing up, studying classical piano, oboe, violin and trumpet, he became a composer and majored in music in college. While teaching himself bass and guitar and spending a fair amount of time singing as well, he eventually started songwriting. He has studied with composer David Del Tredici. While pursuing a graduate degree at The City College of New York, he decided that the rock songs he has written over the years would be worth orchestrating. After adding orchestral parts to the rock songs and while working on a second masters degree in music at New York University, he met future bandmates and the concept of recording Intangible Dreams and making Symfinity became a reality.