Robin Strasser on Returning to ONE LIFE TO LIVE

Robin Strasser on Returning to ONE LIFE TO LIVEIn a recent interview with TV Guide, ONE LIFE TO LIVE actress Robin Strasser expresses her excitement for online revival of the once-cancelled soap opera.

But when the plans were originally formulated in 2011, Strasser wasn't asked back.

But it was "not because I didn't want to be in the mix!" She tells TV Guide. "The people who were mixing it up didn't ask me. I won't lie. It's an entirely different energy now. Any fear I had that I was going back into something uncomfortable, or any fear that I might not live up to expectations felt totally surmountable once I looked at the bigger picture - that there's still life in One Life to Live! The fact that Prospect Park still had the appetite and desire and muscle and vision to make this a reality made me think, "Wow. I want to be involved in this. This is history!"

Just last week, Strasser announced via Twitter that she would returning for Prospect Park's online revival. She posted:

"PROUD & HONORED I promised if DEFINITE-YOU'd know! "GIFT" offered & ACCEPTED:) LIVES AGAIN thanx to FANS & PP I'm IN & GRATEFUL TY:)"

As of now, All My Children remains silent on its ressurection plans, but reports that creator of both shows Agnes Nixon and Prospect Park have hired writers and producers for the two online series and are aiming to begin work by mid-February.

BWW TV World previously reported that Prospect Park officially closed on a deal with the WGA to revive the once-cancelled ABC soap operas earlier this month.

Following the shows' cancellations, Prospect Park entered negotiations with ABC in July 2011 to bring them online, which was set to launch in 2012. The negotiations with the guilds, however, went south, even though many of the soaps' original stars signed on to reprise their roles. The discussions were ultimately abandoned.

Prospect Park is a media and Production Company founded in 2009 by entertainment industry veterans Jeffrey Kwatinetz and former Disney Studios head Rich Frank. Along with successful film and music divisions, the company's television group has numerous shows in development and breakout network hits airing, including "Royal Pains" and "Wilfred."

Photo by Walter McBride