By: Feb. 18, 2020

Noy Marom is a New York City based actress and producer, Once More Time with Feeling is an independent and experimental short film produced in NYC.

The film follows Lou, a young woman who is caged in an abusive relationship. Her husband Guy, was the perfect partner up till their wedding. She was ambitious, highly educated and had dreams that she sacrificed for him and soon she finds herself helpless and alone.

Marom plays the leading role of Lou. Lou is the wife in the abusive relationship.

The story takes place in a park in NYC and it gives us a look into their journey as individuals and as friends. Their hopes and dreams, love affairs, friendships and struggles.

Patrick Ittleman plays the character of the husband, Guy.

"It was a very challenging part to take on, but I also found it very liberating and inspiring at moments. The character is going through a real crisis and she's looking for a way out. She finds the answers and the strength within herself and is actually her own hero. Out of this pain and ruin, this young woman discovers her true worth and saves herself. It's a very powerful message. It's a very special journey to go through as an actor and as a woman. I'm very grateful for getting to be a part of this special project."

The couple's best friends, Marine and Alex, who are featured in the climax scene in the film, are played by actors Tiffany Peach and Laval Alsbrooks.

Directed by the American-Malaysian director Farah Jabir, Farah notes on working with Noy: "The idea of concealment and expression really stood out to me whilst making the film. Lou, Noy's character was so accustomed to hiding herself and concealing her pain as a means of survival but also because she struggled to express and process what she was feeling. I became very intrigued by the idea of movement and liberation, especially from a female lens- we are so accustomed to women in media dancing through patriarchal perspectives that I was very intent on having Noy explore her own sensuality and freedom in her own unique way. I felt I needed to tell a story where the victim (the woman in this film) freed herself out of her own accord and this is what Lou does through dance. I also wanted to explore the idea of female empowerment and support which is evident in the nodding encouragement from her friend Marine. In today's climate I feel strongly that building a community of women who encourage and support women is so vital for progression"

"The moment I met Noy, I knew she was the perfect choice for Lou. As a director this is rather rare to feel but Noy possessed such a unique sense of direction and honesty in her performance and this attitude was brought to set at all times. She was both uplifting and understanding, which is surprising given the nature of material that we were working with. Truthfully, she was an absolute joy to work with."

"The film is currently being submitted to festivals, and we can't wait to share it with as many people as possible. We believe that it can truly help people with its powerful message that we can be our own heroes."