New Thriller THE PLAYGROUND to Get Theatrical Release in San Diego

THE PLAYGROUND, a film by San Diego Independent Filmmaker, Edreace Purmul of SplitWorld Pictures holds Theatrical Release on October 12th Reading Cinemas Town Square 14, San Diego Unrelenting persistence, faith in the community, and dedicated commitment has reawakened ancient folklore and serious filmmaking in San Diego, California.

Independent filmmaker, Edreace Purmul, has big ambitions for his native hometown of San Diego. Where others see "America's Finest" tourist city, he sees the perfect canvas to tell a massive cinematic fable of 5 multi-linear stories.

The Playground, written, directed and produced by Purmul, is a thrilling adaptation of ancient folklore depicted through a modern fable of five vastly separate inner-city lives. Each struggle against their limitations in an interlocking story assembled by a dark orchestrator. The story is a thriller, and a powerful commentary on evil and the human condition. There's something in it for every audience, as it timelessly follows different storylines of all walks of life. The Playground won the Best Feature Film honors at the San Diego Film Awards 2016. The Playground holds its theatrical release on October 12th at Reading Cinemas Town Square 14. It will be followed by a talkback with Purmul and his cast. Watch the trailer below:

Purmul reached out into the San Diego community where he found talented local performers and technicians, and a community open to providing props, wardrobe, location and guidance to complete the ambitious film on schedule and within budget. A true example of what can be accomplished by an indie-production in San Diego.

Purmul shared, "The difficult limitations, perilous shooting demands, rehearsals, and schedule created a precarious incubator for either utter devastating failure, or... the construction of a family. The filmmakers developed an incredibly strong bond when facing the challenges of professional work."

Cinematographer Roger Sogues Marco added, "This film has been such an amazing experience. It's so powerful what a bunch of people committed to one idea led by a great director can do with their sheer will!"

Production designer Marisa Ditimus shared, "Something really magical happened on the set at some point. It's like we clicked into place; we all connected and a bond was built. Everyone on the project from audio to the actors were absolutely dedicated to the project because we all knew that this is something special. I made friendships on that set that will last a lifetime and we made a film that will reach others for just as long."

The cast includes Myles Cranford, Merrick McCartha, Shane P. Allen, Christopher Salazar, Lawrence R. Kivett, Ghadir Mounib and Daniel Armand.

The Theatrical Release takes place on Thursday, October 12th, 7pm at Reading Cinemas Town Square 14 - 4665 Clairemont Dr, San Diego, CA, 92117. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at

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