New Documentary TESLAFY ME Delves Into Nikola Tesla

By: Nov. 06, 2019
New Documentary TESLAFY ME Delves Into Nikola Tesla

Most people know the name Nikola Tesla, but few know much about his place in modern Science and technology. The Crotian scientist, who came to America with just the clothes on his back and briefly worked with Edison, was devoted solely to discovery and relinquished the role of a showman or marketeer. Which is why Tesla, the man who designed the alternating-current (AC) electric system, which is the predominant electrical system used across the world today, and generated ideas that transformed daily life and created multiple fortunes, himself died nearly penniless. Tesla's vision was for a world free of pollution and climate problems, with energy available in abundance, free for all.

From Sloveian director Janja Glogovac, TESLAFY ME features William Terbo (NASA Engineer, Tesla's great-nephew), Branko Terzič (Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center), Leonardo DiCaprio (actor, environmentalist), Marina Abramovic (artist, writer, filmmaker) and Gramatik (composer, producer, DJ)

The documentary is now available to RENT OR BUY on iTunes and VOD platforms courtesy of Vision Films.

Janja Glogo comments: "The civilization we are living in today stands on Nikola Tesla's discoveries and patents. The fact that most of people connect Nikola Tesla's name only with a car, but using his work every day and taking it for granted, made me think more and more about that subject. After finding out also about injustice that happened to him in his life, I said I have to make people aware about Nikola Tesla and his work. I wanted to do a documentary to inspire people to start researching by themselves about Nikola Tesla, because I know that in understanding of his work there is also a key for our future. He was the father of renewable energy and all of his work was to prevent a big problem we are facing today - climate change. He was observing nature and its laws and made his discoveries upon that..and that was the most inspiring influence for making this documentary film."

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