Megan Stalter & Will Sharpe to Lead New Lena Dunham Netflix Series

Production will begin in the UK in 2024.

By: Dec. 11, 2023
Megan Stalter & Will Sharpe to Lead New Lena Dunham Netflix Series

Netflix has announced Too Much, a new rom-com series created by multi award-winning writer, director, producer and actor Lena Dunham (Girls/Catherine Called Birdy) and husband Luis Felber.

Too Much will also feature original music from Luis Felber. The series will be produced by Working Title Television, which is part of Universal International Studios (Love Actually), and Lena Dunham’s Good Thing Going.

The film follows, Jessica, a New York workaholic in her mid-thirties, reeling from a broken relationship that she thought would last forever and slowly isolating everyone she knows. When every block in New York tells a story of her own bad behaviour, the only solution is to take a job in London, where she plans to live a life of solitude like a Bronte sister.

But when she meets Felix – who is less Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and more Hugh Grant's drunken roommate – she finds that their unusual connection is impossible to ignore, even as it creates more problems than it solves. Now they have to ask themselves: do Americans and Brits actually speak the same language? From the creator of Girls and the producers of Love Actually, Too Much is an ex-pat rom-com for the disillusioned who wonder if true love is still possible, but sincerely hope that it is. 

Megan Stalter (Hacks) will play the lead role of Jessica, and Will Sharpe (The White Lotus) will play Felix.

Co-creator, writer and director Lena Dunham said: “This is a show that is very close to my heart –  created with my husband Luis, cast with my favourite actors – the geniuses that are Meg and Will, along with a bevy of friends – and partnering again with Working Title, who are behind the romantic comedies that formed me. Netflix has been so deeply supportive of the vision, which is to create a romantic comedy that makes us root for love, brings joy but also has the jagged edges of life.”

Production will begin in the UK in 2024.

Jessica Salmon - Megan Stalter

If you'd met Jessica ten years ago, you would have been blinded by her inner light – but life has taken her on a walkabout, when she thought she was just taking a quick jog. Felix upends all her expectations, but it turns out that trusting someone is scarier than trusting no one.

Felix Remen - Will Sharpe

Felix is a very different kind of 35 – acting eternally 18, dressed like a punk elf, running as fast as he can from a trauma he can’t name, sleeping with every woman who stays in the bar past closing time and waking up wondering why he can’t just enjoy a night alone. Born in the UK and raised between English boarding schools and his extended family in Japan, he feels neither here nor there. Making music is his only consolation – music that no one listens to.

The series will be executive produced by Lena Dunham, Luis Felber, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Michael P. Cohen, Surian Fletcher-Jones and Bruce Eric Kaplan.