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Music's Greatest Mysteries will premiere on AXS TV Sunday, November 15 at 9 p.m.ET/6p.m. PT.


"Music's Greatest Mysteries," an original six-episode series which guides viewers on an immersive journey each week investigating headline grabbing myths involving musical artists from the past and present, premieres on AXS TV Sunday, November 15 at 9 p.m.ET /6p.m. PT. Jointly produced by Nashville-based Hideout Pictures and Texas Crew Productions, with Shannon Houchins, Trevor O'Neil, Chip Rives, David Karabinas and Brad Bernstein serving as executive producers, each episode in the first season is 30 minutes in length.

The premiere episode delves into the mysteries of...

*The Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson and his relationship with serial killer Charlie Manson, seeking to answer if Wilson angered Manson during the summer of 1968.

*The second story looks at Post Malone's infatuation with the occult and looks at the possibility that he may be cursed by the world's most haunted object.

*And lastly, the show examines whether or not a failed audition saved Faith Hill's life at the start of her career.

Show Description: Spanning a wide variety of eras and genres-from Hip Hop and Rockabilly, to Country, Grunge, and everything in-between-Music's Greatest Mysteries guides viewers on an immersive journey investigating the infamous myths and larger-than-life personalities which have come to define the music industry throughout the decades. Separating fact from fiction, Music's Greatest Mysteries presents a fresh perspective on stories both well known and slightly more obscure, unearthing hidden gems and long-forgotten lore with the help of music icons and noted experts. Blending insightful commentary with rare archive footage, the series seeks to answer the "whys" and "hows" of each new topic until the whole truth is revealed. Not only are the themes meshed in history, but so are the interview locations. Legendary music venues such as The Bluebird Café in Nashville and Antone's in Austin will be woven into the fabric of these stories.

Music's Greatest Mysteries airs as part of the Network's Sunday Night Rocks block, which also includes THE TOP TEN REVEALED at 8 p.m. ET, ROCK LEGENDS at 8:30 p.m. ET and A YEAR IN MUSIC at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Other Episodic Themes Include:

Nov. 22 - CIA, Impersonator and Insult
Did the CIA kill Bob Marley? Is a doppelganger impersonating the real Avril Lavigne? What was the meaning behind Charlie Rich's insult of John Denver?

Nov. 29 - Death, Rivalry and Warnings
What happened to Gram Parsons' body after he died? Did Prince and Michael Jackson really hate each other? What's the real story behind "Parental Advisory" warning labels?

Dec. 6 - Vicious, Kissed and Undercover
Did Sid Vicious' mother play a part in his death? Is KISS a band or a brand? Is Jamie Hewlett of the Gorillaz really Banksy?

Dec. 13 - Satanic, Immortal and Narc
What's the satanic truth behind playing records backwards? Does Aerosmith have nine lives? Was Elvis secretly a NARC for the Nixon administration?

Dec. 20 - Desperate, Dissed and Goddess
Were the rights to "Friends in Low Places" sold to settle a bar tab? Was "Sweet Home Alabama" the first diss track, meaning a song to attack another artist? What explains the mysteries that surround Stevie Nicks?

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