Lance Armstrong Says 'No' to DANCING WITH THE STARS

Lance Armstrong Says 'No' to DANCING WITH THE STARS

Lance Armstrong has become the latest in a long line of controversial celebrities to turn down a spot on the next season of ABC's DANCING WITH THE STARS, according to Last week, it was reported that troubled actress Lindsay Lohan declined an offer of $50,000 to take her turn on the ballroom dance floor.

In a highly publicized interview with Oprah Winfrey last week, Armstrong publically admitted for the first time that he used performance-enhancing substances during his prize winning cycling career, which included seven Tour de France victories.

A publicist for the disgraced athlete told Entertainment Weekly that this was not the first time his client was offered the chance to cut a rug on the ABC dance competition. It was revealed that Armstrong "has been offered the show each and every year since its inception," and added "Although flattered, he has passed on their generous offers."

Season 14 of Dancing with the Stars will begin this March. It's still anyone's guess who will join the line-up of brave, (and media-hungry) celebrities!

Photo courtesy of OWN