Kristina Anapau to Star in Indie Horror SIGHTING

Kristina Anapau  to Star in Indie Horror SIGHTING

Toronto native Andrew Coutts, editor for "Saw VI" and "Saw 3D: The Final Chapter," brought his editorial expertise to writer-director Tedi Sarafian's 2012 horror film, SIGHTING which finished picture editing last month and is now in audio post production and seeking distribution.

"What I brought to Sighting," Coutts said, "was not only building the feeling of dread and anticipation for the audience, but also ramping up visually the bigger scare moments in the movie. The film is generally more psychological and suspenseful, but I helped bring some editorial intensity to the scarier beats of the story as well."

The film stars Kristina Anapau (BLACK SWAN), BrenDan Fletcher (Freddy vs. Jason), Alexis Cruz (Drag Me to Hell) and Ed Corbin (True Grit). It's about a ghost-hunting team that investigates King's Ransom Winery in California, home to a sinister history of recurring suicides.

Coutts edited the recently released Anchor Bay distributed sci-fi thriller "The Day" directed by Douglas Aarniokoski. In 2007, Coutts worked on the Lifetime Television movie "In God's Country" which earned a Directors Guild of Canada Team Award nomination.

During post-production for "Sighting," Coutts worked alongside Sarafian, previously known for writing "The Road Killers" starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Josh Brolin, "Tank Girl" starring Malcolm McDowellNaomi Watts, Ice-T and Lori Petty, and "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" starring Arnold SchwarzeneggerClaire Danes and Nick Stahl.

"We worked very close together," Coutts said of Sarafian, "making sure the path I was taking the movie on was close to his vision and where he wanted it to be."

Coutts instituted in "Sighting" his signature "Saw" editorial style, which innovated the horror film genre for its intense, sleek and shocking visuals. It stands as the highest-grossing horror film franchise in history.

"People are always looking to replicate that level of filmmaking success," Coutts said.

Earlier this year, Coutts edited the Aarniokoski directed "Nurse 3D" for Lions Gate Entertainment.

Coutts next will be editing on the upcoming grizzly bear thriller "Red Machine" which is directed by David Hackl and stars Piper PeraboJames MarsdenThomas Jane and Billy Bob Thornton.

"Red Machine" is slated for a 2013 release and will reunite Coutts and Hackl, who last worked together in 2008 on the David Hackl directed "Saw V".

SOURCE Andrew Coutts