IDOL WATCH: Another Contestant Heads Home; Top 3 Revealed!


Tonight on American Idol, four became three, David Cook performed and more. Find out who the top three are now!

We kick things off with a big prop red carpet on the stage while Ryan announces that everybody in the audience will be given tickets to a show on the tour. Amongst enthusiastic applause, one audience member jumps out of her seat and starts screaming. Like, full-out, Viking war cry screaming.

Phil Phillips is the first be called to the center of the stage - Jimmy thinks that Phil is coming into his own. Ryan tells him that they're not actually giving him results right now. Way to waste time, Ryan.

Jimmy thinks that Hollie "crashed and burned." The whole time he's talking, I'm wishing that Jessica and Hollie would dress their ages - Hollie looks strikingly different in her rehearsal footage, and I think it would do them well for people to remember how young they (and, actually, all four of these remaining contestants - Phil is the oldest at just 21) are.<

David Cook performs. He sounds exactly the same as when he was on Idol, which is, I think, a good thing. Some of the previous contestants come back and sound worse (and some sound much better) but overall, it's a pretty strong performance.

"It might have worked if he kept it simple," Jimmy says of Joshua. "He can't use that trick on every song." He loves Joshua's second performance ("It's a Man's Man's Man's World") and once again, there are no results to be found.

Jessica reinforces why I'm not find of Idol's stylists - she's wearing a half-shirt, which would be fine except that she's sixteen and it's American Idol. Jimmy's not fond of her first performance, but thought her second was powerful; Jessica, too, gets sent back to the couch without any news.

Jennifer Lopez performs, and finally Jessica and Joshua are declared safe; Hollie is headed home.

I can't say it's unexpected, but I liked Hollie. She sings "The Climb," which was one of my favorite performances of hers and definitely a fitting end to her Idol journey. Do you think the voters made the right choice?


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