History's THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE PRESIDENTS to be Released on DVD 5/28


The highly anticipated mini-series from HISTORY, The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents arrives on 3-disc DVD May 28 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. This new HISTORY series offers a unique view of the presidency and reveals untold stories of the most powerful men in America. Following in the footsteps of The Presidents, one of HISTORY's all-time bestselling sets, The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents is sure to be a hit. With over eight hours of content and never-before-seen-on-TV special features, this 3-disc DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.98.

Forty-three men have taken the oath of President of the United States. Whether each set groundbreaking precedent, declared war or enacted laws altering the destiny of millions, each found himself in the eye of the storm. The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents delves inside the inner-workings of the Presidency, as well as the minds, methods and motivations of each man who has held the position of Commander-In-Chief.

Each episode also explores how The Office of the Presidency has evolved over the past 222 years. When George Washington was elected, no one knew what a President was. There was no title, no policy, and no code of behavior for a Chief Executive. So everything he did - from selecting a Cabinet to determining where the Capitol should be to creating an Oval Office and a White House - set precedents for the nation's future.

Interviews with historians, past administration officials, and family members portray the role of the Presidency as an ever-changing institution that is influenced by the personalities of each of the men and how each interacts with the events transpiring in the world around them.

The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents is produced for HISTORY by Karga Seven Pictures. Susan Werbe is Executive Producer for HISTORY. Executive Producers for Karga Seven Pictures are Sarah Wetherbee, Emre Sahin and Kelly McPherson.

- Bonus Footage Never-Before-Seen On TV