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Film Festival Fave Wins Freedom Of Speech Award On MLK's Birthday

Film Festival Fave Wins Freedom Of Speech Award On MLK's Birthday

The History of Everything -- Kissy cousins Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis has won one of its biggest Film Festival awards yet (number 124th) the prestigious IMDb 2019 Golden FOX Award.

In order to achieve it, you had to be a top monthly winner (which we were) and then compete for the top annual award against all of the other winners (which it did). It also is appropriate that the category it has won is FREEDOM OF SPEECH and on one of the best holidays possible to win such an award -- Martin LUTHER King, Jr. day.

It has been said (mostly by the director Wayne J. Keeley that it will be the cult classic of all time). One of the reasons is that 27 years ago when it was first conceived and over the last three decades until it was finished just a month ago in 2019, we are facing the same issues regarding race, ethnicity, gender, disability, etc -- maybe even more so now. Kissy Cousins, for short, crosses all boundaries, utilizing every shade of the rainbow. When we started the film we did not care if you were white, black, Asian, Disabled, etc. All we wanted were people with talent and a sense of humor. The cast and crew features every one from no-names to icons in the biz, white, black Asian actors and crew people including Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, gay, straight, and even persons with disabilities, etc.

According to the director, "we weren't thinking back then of trying to be politically correct. We were politically correct. The film is not only a comedy but a social and political satire that puns everything from Hollywood to the White House, leveling the political playing field by taking potshots at Republicans, Democrats and even Independents."

What is it all about? Co-Producer Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley says "everything -- it's about life. We feel so every honored to receive the Freedom of Speech Award on Martin LUTHER King's Birthday!"

If films are the windows to society, then The History of Everything -- Kissy Cousins Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis is a veritable time machine and time capsule where only the names have changed, but not the issues still plaguing us.

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