FOX's TOUCH to Get Online Spin-Off DAYBREAK

FOXs-TOUCH-to-Get-On-Line-Spin-Off-20010101 reports that FOX's new drama series TOUCH will be getting an online spinoff to be titled DAYBREAK. The show is described as "a series of online films... about the magic of technology and a global conspiracy to control an ancient and powerful object called a dodecahedron". The online series will star Sarah Roemer (The Event) and Ryan Eggold (90210).

Tim Kring, creator of Touch announced the news of the web project on his blog, explaining, "On Touch, we recently introduced a 12-sided shape called a dodecahedron. It's a real thing, which many believe has mystical powers. You'll see it again in the May 31 season finale. And its journey will continue that same day in the premiere chapter of Daybreak, a series of webisodes."

He continued, "Daybreak doesn't share any common cast or plot lines with Touch, but it will have a similar look and feel. It's directed by Jon Cassar, best known for his work on 24, and will follow the exploits of protagonist Ben Wilkins (played by Ryan Eggold). Basically, Wilkins's life is turned upside down by the dodecahedron. It's a great story - with lots of twists and turns."

A second season has recently been ordered for TOUCH, which airs on Thursdays at 9pm on Fox.

Photo courtesy of FOX