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Duh of the Day: No 'Han Solo' for Jennifer Lawrence


We don't know yet who will be in the new STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, which is now set for a December 18, 2015 release. We also don't know what the spin-off films might be, but at the top of most people's guess lists is one that would tell the origin story of 'Han Solo', a part of course played to perfection by Harrison Ford.

In one of the oddest things to go around the Internet lately, Screencrush's Britt Hayes gave his top choice for the role of a young Han Solo -- Jennifer Lawrence. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence.

He wrote: But here's the thing, when I think about all the male actors under 30 who are aged appropriately to play a young Han Solo, none of them seem right for the part. Josh Hutcherson, Nicholas Hoult, Chris Hemsworth (or Liam, even) , Aaron Johnson, Zac Efron, Anton Yelchin, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Alex Pettyfer, et al. - none of these guys are right for a young Han Solo. Most of them are too feminine to play the part, and that's not an accusation or a complaint, but it's just how things have been shifting in recent years. We've been attracted to more sensitive leading men in recent years - tastes evolve over time. Some of the names on that list are the opposite of feminine, like Chris and Liam Hemsworth, but those Hemsworth fellas are a bit too gruff and one-dimensional.

Han Solo has swagger. He's witty, sarcastic, quick-thinking, and adventurous. He has a wry smile and he's awfully full of himself for good reason. He's mischievous and daring and masculine without being muscle-headed. Every lady wanted to be with him and every guy wanted to be him. There's only one actor under 30 who I think could play Han Solo with the same je ne sais quois of Harrison Ford, and that's Jennifer Lawrence.

She was of course asked about it by today, while promoting the new Hunger Games film and here's what she had to say:

Did you hear people saying they wanted you to play a young Han Solo in the new Star Wars movie?

I can't play a young Han Solo. [Laughs] That's awful.

I just think people thought you had the swagger and the charisma to do that kind of thing.

Oh my God, that's awesome. Can I Do that?

I don't know. Apparently they're making a prequel spin-off movie, but, you know, they'll probably go male. But I think it'd be awesome.

Yeah, it'll probably be male, but I have always wanted to play a man.

Photo Credit: Walter McBride / WM Photos

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