Disney Animation to Produce Marvel's BIG HERO 6


According to EWonline, Disney Animation has confirmed that it is in the "Early Stages of development" for an upcoming animated version of Marvel Comics' BIG HERO 6. 

The comic book creations are described as "powerful individuals with wildly different histories and powers, united by the Japanese government as a crisis-fighting super-squad." Marvel is also currently working on a live-action version of the Guardians of the Galaxy series. 

Members of Big Hero 6 are described as folllows: 

Sunfire — who can harness the power of solar energy to blast his enemies.
Silver Samurai — a sword-swinging warrior with a history of tangling with Wolverine.
Hiro — A 13-year-old boy genius.
Honey Lemon — who can draw practically any object she needs from a mystical purse that’s a portal to another dimension.
Baymax — A giant robot created by Hiro who can shapeshift into a dragon form.
Go-Go Tomago — a woman in a high-tech, voice-controlled suit, who can propel herself through the air in an egg-shaped ball of energy.