Baz Luhrmann Makes Two-Year Deal with Sony Pictures TV

According to, Baz Luhrmann will make his first venture into television after signing a two-year deal with Sony Pictures TV.

"I make films very infrequently and yet I have so many ideas and stories to explore," Luhrmann said. "The idea that I can be creative in between films is energizing and exciting. Television at the moment has such great freedom, giving writers the ability to explore any idea…"

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Luhrmann and his company Bazmark Films—with co-founder and wife Catherine Martin and general manager and producer Anton Monsted—will develop broadcast and cable offerings from offices in New York, Australia and Los Angeles (with New York as the hub).

Luhrmann began his career as a playwright, and creating the film version of his play Strictly Ballroom helped him transition into movies. He has now also directed the films Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, Australia, and, coming up in May, The Great Gatsby, which will star Leonardo DiCaprio. He also helmed La Boheme on Broadway in 2002.

Photo Credit: Genevieve Rafter-Keddy