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BWW Review: Nora Has a Plan on This Week's THE FLASH

BWW Review: Nora Has a Plan on This Week's THE FLASH

Last week on The Flash, we were left wondering who Cicada is. This week, we got some answers. Nora tells Team Flash that Cicada is the villain that can't be caught, not by the Flash, not by Supergirl, not by the Legends, and not by Green Arrow. But that's not the only tricky thing about Cicada. Nora also says that Cicada is early (in the timeline) and that his victims are different than Nora remembers in the future. Up until this point, Nora staying in the present hasn't really impacted the timeline. This is the first serious disruption of the timeline. This leads to two questions: 1) what good ever comes from time travel? and 2) how do you catch an uncatchable villain?

Well, to answer the second question, Nora has a plan! Her idea is to try something different than in the future and Sherloque Wells is something different so Team Flash hires him. Sherloque is a little bit of a cocky, French, know-it-all so after ever so briefly looking over the rough profile of Cicada that Team Flash has put together, he sends them after a man named David Hersh, who he believes is Cicada. But Team Flash captures him far too quickly and easily for him to be the real Cicada, although Hersh is a criminal.

Meanwhile, Ralph is hurt that Sherloque has effectively benched him and taken the lead on being the detective, so Caitlin suggests that he help her investigate her dad's fake death certificate. The two of them go to her mom's office, where her mom is no help and a very good liar. They take matters into their own hands break into the file room and find an apparent suicide note addressed to Caitlin and an old periodic table game Caitlin used to play with her dad.

The real Cicada is looking to kill Vibe. Everyone knows if you want to get someone's attention, you have to hurt someone they care about. In this case, Cicada takes Joe hostage in his home and repeatedly hurts him with the lightning dagger, when Joe refuses to bring Vibe to the scene. But Cecile comes downstairs, realizes what's happening and sends a distress broadcast, bringing Vibe and the rest of Team Flash to the house. Unfortunately, once Vibe breaches into the house, Cicada breaches back and the two of them end up in a forest. Sherloque asks Cisco to describe the forest and is able to get a location, and THE FLASH goes to rescue him. Maybe Sherloque is good for something after all.

The Flash arrives on the scene but Cicada is dampening both his and Cisco's powers with the dagger, leaving them both weak. Cicada nearly kills THE FLASH but Nora arrives and saves him. Nora brings along a weapon from the pipeline, which ultimately backfires and kills Cisco in a deadly blast. Okay, well it killed Vibe, not Cisco, Nora saved Cisco. But as long as Cicada thinks Vibe is really dead, that's all that matters. At least Cisco is off Cicada's radar and safe for the time being.

At the end of the episode, Joe tells us one very important thing about Cicada, that just might be the weakness Team Flash needs to take him down - Cicada is a father. How will this information impact Team Flash's fight against Cicada? Tune in next week to find out!

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

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