BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Fights Livewire Again

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Fights Livewire Again

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Fights Livewire Again

On this week's episode of SUPERGIRL, Kara had to deal with fighting Livewire again, finding out the Guardian's true identity, and discovering Mon-El's feelings for her. This episode was jam packed with action, as J'onn had to choose if he was willing to make sacrifices to save M'Gann's life and the Superfriends disbanded once again.

The episode opened with Kara training Mon-El as they adorably flirt with each other. He's not doing great, but Kara is encouraging. She drills into him that the number one rule for superheroes is to "Protect the people!"

Elsewhere in National City, the Guardian gets injured on the job. Winn freaks out and insists that he needs to tell Kara the truth the next day. James isn't pleased that Winn is making a suit for Mon-El as he doesn't think he's worthy of being a superhero.

In her cell, M'Gann seems to be being attacked by a silent villain. She sees visions and repeated, "Blood. Death. Beautiful war." She shatters the glass of her cells before collapsing into J'onn's arms. Alex says she's not showing that anything is wrong with her on the monitors, but Hank can feel that she's not okay.

One of my favorite villains from SUPERGIRL, Livewire is back! SBWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Fights Livewire Againhe's being interviewed in her prison cell and says that she still wants to kill SUPERGIRL. A man posing as a guard breaks into the prison and frees her and one other prisoner.

Alex and Maggie are examining the crime scene in their normal adorable way when Kara fights her way in. When she freaks out, Alex tells her that she needs to "get a grip." Back at the DEO, Mon-El is super excited for his first job as a superhero, but Kara is concerned that no one else is taking Livewire seriously.

M'Gann isn't showing anything wrong with her physically, but Alex says that her brain is drowning. She asks J'onn if he will do the Martian mind meld with her to figure out who is attacking her, but he is insistent that he won't. He doesn't want to share his memories of his people with her and says, "Let her drown in her own sins."

James asks Kara to come to his office to talk to him, but as soon as she shows up, she begins telling him about her issues with Livewire. "You're not the only hero in National City," James consoles her. Kara is relieved at this idea, but assumes that he means Mon-El. James isn't pleased and insists that Mon-El is too selfish to be a superhero. "Do you have something against Mon-El?" Kara asks him. Um, did Kara forget about James being in love with her or is she actually that oblivious to her flirtation with Mon-El?

They're interrupted by seeing footage on TV of Livewire attacking cops at a police station. Kara and Mon-El arrive on the scene and she tells him to protect the cops while she fights Livewire and the fake prison guard. However, when it looks like Kara is losing the fight, Mon-El abandons the policemen to save her. The Guardian shows up and saves a cop, but is injured in the process. Kara bursts a pipe which makes Livewire flee, but she unmasks the Guardian and is shocked to find James. Honestly, I'm just relieved that this secret is finally out because the whole "We have to tell Kara" conversation that was happening every episode was getting old.

Back at the DEO, Mon-El excitedly asks James where he can find a motorcycle of his own. However, when Kara goes in the tension is palpable. She asks Winn if he made the Guardian's suit first and to be honest, it made me happy that Kara was most upset with Winn for being involved. She asks everyone else to leave and tells James that she will listen to him, but it's clear that she's livid. James says that he wants to help people just like she does. "I am more me as the Guardian than I have ever felt as James Olsen," he insists. Kara tells him that they're not the same at all, but James tries to change the conversation to be about how Mon-El messed up. Kara finally says, "If you don't stop, I will stop you" before walking away. Honestly this moment waBWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Fights Livewire Agains everything I've been waiting for and more.

Alex tells J'onn that M'Gann will die without his help. She reminds J'onn that M'Gann gave him blood even though she knew it would expose her true identity. J'onn explains that he doesn't want to forgive her because "Hate becomes your reason for living when you've lost everything that you love." But Alex tells him, "Forgiveness is something you give to yourself." I love when Alex gives advice because it's always amazing.

Kara chases Mon-El down and tells him that she can no longer trust him because someone got hurt because he couldn't follow her directions. She questions why he's working with her at all and finally asks, "Do you like me?" Mon-El dodges her questions, but she storms away from him to continue fighting Livewire.

Winn shows Kara and J'onn footage of Livewire being taken from jail. Kara is shocked to discover that she was actually a victim. Winn tells J'onn that he's struggling to track Livewire, but then calls James and says that he knows her location. As someone who loves Winn, I felt a little betrayed by his decision. However, Mon-El overhears and heads after them.

J'onn agreed to try the bond because M'Gann is dying, but says that he may have to relive some horrible memories. He asks Kara and Alex, "Stay with me, both of you?" I love THE FAMILY moments between the three of them.

He's flashed to a memory of his home planet where he finds M'Gann. She doesn't recognize him and urges him to flee before White Martians find him. She tells him that she set a fire in the guardhouse and killed other White Martians because they asked her to kill a child. J'onn tells her that she survived that day and went on to help him. She suddenly remembers and says that she only hid who she was because she wanted to be his friend. J'onn tells her, "I am herBWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Fights Livewire Againe with you. I see you. You are my friend." I thought that this was such a touching moment between the two and a fitting solution to their disagreement.

Meanwhile, a strange scientist is taking energy from Livewire to create clones of her. "This is copyright infringement, you asshat," she tells him. The Guardian shows up to fight the clones and free Livewire. Mon-El joins the fight as well. I loved when he told Livewire, "I'm the other Superman in training."

Winn calls Kara to admit that he does know where Livewire is and that the others have been captured. Livewire tells James and Mon-El, "You know what I love? Little boys who think they can do a better job than the woman who's an actual superhero." Definitely my favorite quote of the episode.

The crazy scientist says that he's going to take all of Livewire's energy to make James and Mon-El into clones as well. Kara arrives and frees the boys (of course). She frees Livewire and asks her not to kill her. "You wouldn't be who you are if not for me," she tells her. She vows that she will see the scientist punished even though they aren't friends.

Livewire joins the fight against the clones and scientist. I loved the Guardian, SUPERGIRL, and Mon-El fighting in formation. Livewire is going to kill the scientist, but tells Kara that she won't if she won't make her go back to jail ever. Kara says that she can't, but she will let her go for a little while. When Alex asks, Kara says that she let Livewire go because "There's still some good in her."

Kara tells Winn and James that she wants them to go back to being Superfriends together. They say that they want to work with her, but not as sidekicks. "You know, you two were heroes to me way before all of this," she tells them. Kara says that she can't work with them as long as they're putting themselves in danger and they walk away. Kara looks so heartbroken that it actually hurt me.

M'Gann and J'onn talk after she wakes up and he tells her that she is released from being kept at the DEO. She tells him that she was suffering from a psychic attack from the White Martians and she was shielding herself from them. She warns him that the White Martians have located her and they're coming.

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Fights Livewire AgainThe final scene of the episode absolutely floored me. Mon-El shows up at Kara's apartment and says that he remembers kissing her. He tells her that her eyes looked like comets and she looked so sad. He says, "It's okay that I was gonna die because I got to kiss you." Anyone else yell at their TV? He admits that he saved her because he cares about her, but Kara doesn't respond well. He begs her to still be his partner and she agrees. This scene broke my heart!

Will Mon-El and Kara ever get together? What are the White Martians planning? Don't forget to tune back in next week for another episode of SUPERGIRL and check back for my next recap.

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