BWW Recap: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS #FAtalFinale Is Here! Who Survived?

BWW Recap: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS #FAtalFinale Is Here! Who Survived?

BWW Recap: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS #FAtalFinale Is Here! Who Survived?

Ahh, #FAtalFinale is here!!!! What did you all think? Did you see it coming or did ABC Family send you for a curveball? Without further ado, let's get on with it!


So, our dear Mona bit the dust in this year's Summer finale! Just when she started helping out the Liars, a mysterious blonde shut her up. For good. We'll talk more about that later, but for now let's talk about the rest of the episode.

The opening scene shows a visibly distraught Aria, Hanna, Emily and Fitz behind police tape somewhere in Rosewood. A text from A reads: "It's all your fault." Ooh, adding insult to injury. BWW Recap: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS #FAtalFinale Is Here! Who Survived?That's harsh, even for our masked crusader. Spencer is visibly absent which initially worried me but upon further speculation, I ruled out her as the victim. The girls look upset (mostly Hanna) but not Spencer-Is-Dead upset.

"36 Hours Earlier" flashes and we're back with the Liars, Spencer included. It seems Rosewood is preparing for Thanksgiving (a bit of a timehop from last week's episode if you ask me) and the girls meet up with Mona. They enlist her help and while Mona isn't sure why the Liars think she can help them, Aria replies simply with: "Because you're Mona."

The next scene shows Mona and her mother at their house. This stood out to me (almost like a red flag to watch out for Mona) because I'm not sure we've ever met little miss Vanderwaal's mom. Something seems fishy and when Mrs. V ominously asks Hanna if "it's starting again" a little chill ran down my spine. Yes, Mrs. V, it's definitely starting again.

Mona tells the girls that Ali signed herself up for a lie detector test saying she's gone "full socio" and most likely planning on screwing the girls over. I loved the "full socio" bit, it really hit the mark because it's entirely true. BWW Recap: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS #FAtalFinale Is Here! Who Survived?While we're still not 100% sure what's gone on with Ali, she certainly doesn't seem to be the little damaged victim she's pretending to be. Eventually, this brings Mona to a conclusion. Alison is A. She's been "A" all along. With this, the #LiarsUnite and band together to bring down their maker.

In couples news, Emily and Paige share an impromptu kiss and things are seeming to return to normal for the two. Completely shocking to me, Ezra has been invited over the the Montgomery household for Thanksgiving. Awkward, much? Hey dad, can you pass the cranberry sauce to my ex-history teacher who I hook up with? While I've always been an #Ezria supporter, Ezra being invited to Thanksgiving dinner seems a little far fetched. Especially after his involvement with Ali. I guess Aria's move past that...not that I blame her...Fitz is gorgeous. Caleb helps Hanna and the gang uncover more about Ali. #OfficerToby sneaks up on Spencer for a steamy kiss and (I'm sorry) a horrible role playing scene. I love them but their bad cop / naughty innocent girl bit was seriously laughable.

Back to Mona's plan, Lucas (welcome back?) helps her out with some tech snooping on Alison's lie detector test and the two get tons of new information. Mrs. D was totally sneaking around with Bethany Young's father which possibly instigated the Dilaurentis' rivalry with the young Radley patient. While Alison doesn't exactly frame Spencer for Bethany's murder, she sure sets it up. Emily and Alison meet and for a moment, it seems Emily is back aboard the Ali train. That is until Alison snoops on Emily's texts and learns she's being babysat. "I'm A, right?" the blonde shoves past her frenemy. "It's always the loyal one who betrays you." Ooh, burn! #EmilyIsJudas am I right?

BWW Recap: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS #FAtalFinale Is Here! Who Survived?Spencer and Mona sneak around Radley while Aria is grilled by Holbrook in the lobby. Just as Spencer- on the phone with Toby- and Mona slip outside where we see Toby get into a car accident. Nooo! It can't be him! A quick commercial break taunts us all but as we come back, it's Thanksgiving Day and #OfficerToby is simply #TobyInACast. Phew. So, Toby's been spared...but who won't be as lucky?

While at the Brew, Spencer is arrested for the murder of Bethany Young. Ahh! Damn you, Ali! Damn you, amphetamines! Will we ever truly know what Spencer did with that infamous shovel?! I don't know if I can wait to find out!

While Fitz arrives at the Montgomery residence, Mona phones Aria to tell her she's got proof Alison is A. The two rush over to the Vanderwaal residence. Inside, we see Mona talking to herself in her mirror: "Game over, Alison. I won." Not bad last words, if you ask me. A blonde dawning signature "A" attire stalks through the house before eliciting a scream from Mona Vanderwaal. #RIPMONA. I know a lot of you are thinking the blonde has to be Alison, but I don't think so! A quick camera shot shows the blonde's much shorter, straighter hair. Totally not Alison. But definitely a look-a-like.BWW Recap: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS #FAtalFinale Is Here! Who Survived?

#FatalFinal ends with Holbrook deeming Mona's death a homicide although no body had been found. A shot of "A" removing baby Jesus from a manger scene and replacing it with a doll that resembles are departed Mona. But, where does baby Jesus go? With Mona's corpse in the trunk of a car, that's where.

Eeeeep! Morbid? Gruesome? Totally shocking? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars will return soon and so will I! See you then, Liars!In the meantime, let me know what you thought of the finale, and how ready you are for the fall season to strt already.