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BWW Recap: It's a Nice Day for a Plaid Wedding on This Week's OUTLANDER


This week's episode of OUTLANDER was a pretty special one, so mazel tov, newlyweds; this recap's for you. We get an opening shot of Claire and Frank walking hand and hand, all lovey dovey, down the street--a flashback to their own wedding day, which was a very simple, and totally spontaneous, affair. They share a kiss and then--oops, snap back to reality--we're in Scotland again, and it's Jamie and Claire doing the kissing. Because they're married. It happened. If you sneezed, you probably missed the entire ceremony, it's that short. But don't you worry, fellow romantics--the bulk of the episode is devoted to backtracking, so you get a closer look at the actual wedding eventually, piece by piece. First, however, we get a snapshot of the tension-ridden awkwardfest that is the wedding night. Claire and Jamie are left alone in the honeymoon suite while the party guests grow ever rowdier, and no doubt drunker, just outside their door, refusing to go to bed until the marriage has been made, er, shall we say, official.

What follows is a surprisingly sweet love story, unfolding in the microcosm of this dark, modest bedroom, between a husband and wife who barely know each other at all. Jamie's all Romeo, oh Romeo, leaning in for a kiss, when Claire suddenly demands that he tell her about his family. He concedes, launching into a detailed

account of the complexities of his family tree, and the couple proceeds to drink and talk all night. It's interesting that, until now, Jamie hadn't been much more than a secondary character. He'd always been around, sure, and it was inevitable that he and Claire would end up together, because that's just how these things work, but any scenes he'd had with Claire previously were kept short and fairly innocent, albeit with the obvious flirtation here or there. As you watch him now, all charm, smile, and blue eyes, you can't help but fall a little bit in love with him too. Additionally, you have to sort of think that Sam Heughan just is Jamie Fraser; it all seems effortless, from his boyish good humor to his crackling chemistry with co-star Caitriona Balfe. This is Jamie Fraser as we should have known him all along. And now that he's finally here, in earnest, I sure hope he's not going anywhere.

Anyway, it's back to business, and Claire's the one to finally tell Jamie it's time to go to bed. The look on Jamie's face when he questions the distinction between going to bed and going to sleep is just about as priceless as it gets, and he very diplomatically reasons that he might as well help Claire out of her corset and whatnot either way. Smooth, man, real smooth. The air is ripe with sexual energy, and then in a matter of moments, the marriage is made...official. It wasn't great but at least it's over, seems to be the consensus, even though Jamie appears fairly pleased with himself. The tension alleviates as Jamie begins to tell Claire a bit more background about the actual wedding. Turns out, Jamie was a complete groomzilla, only agreeing to marry Claire under three conditions: that it be a proper church wedding with a priest, that they have proper wedding rings, and that Claire have a proper wedding dress. Like I said, total diva. Each condition is accompanied by a brief flashback of its fulfillment, bringing a lightheartedness, even a touch of humor, to the episode over all. It's just enoyable. I mean, check out this super sweet moment as Murtagh gives Jamie's bride-to-be his seal of approval. What a softie.

Finally we get a better look at the actual marriage ceremony itself. Claire was a hot mess, apparently, suffering from a serious hangover and major pre-wedding jitters. Jamie, however, was the picture of tartan perfection, guiding Claire along, particularly when it came to the vows. He looked at her as if she was the only one in the room and told her to repeat after him--ha, in Gaelic, no less; okay, Claire, good luck with that--and then it was over, as painlessly as possible. I have to say, I definitely think it was a smart move to put the majority of the actual wedding closer to the end of the episode. We were first given time to actually appreciate them as a couple, to see them alone together for an extended period of time, in a way we hadn't seen before, adding much more weight to the ceremony than if they had just launched right into it. When it's time for consummation round two, therefore, it feels different, more special, and I definitely think there's something to be said for the nudity in this particular bout. Both Jamie and Claire strip down completely, getting a good look at each other, naked and vulnerable, man and wife. It's more real this time around, an act of love, or something close to it, and not just a chore done for the sake of getting it done. Very romantic, very lovely, and yeah okay, very steamy. Both wake up the next morning with that honeymoon glow, as Jamie pecks his bride naturally on the lips before sweeping out of the room, and Claire begins to tidy up. She picks up her wedding dress, discarded carelessly during the previous night's tryst, shakes it out, and watches Frank's wedding ring, her wedding ring, go rolling across the floor. As if she'd nearly forgotten. And maybe we had too.

Once the episode ends, you're left feeling that not much actually happened, and yet so much happened. In terms of plot and action, sure there wasn't too much momentum, besides the obvious, but if "The Wedding" succeeded in anything, it was in solidifying the most important element of the entire franchise: Jamie and Claire. That relationship is the backbone of the series, and to see that Ronald D. Moore got it so right is a relief. I know many fans, okay, all of the fans, had been looking forward to this particular episode, and I honestly don't think it could have been done any differently. There was humor, there was sweetness, there was passion, all rounded off with a touch of heartache. And I think, as we'll come to learn, that really sums up what this couple is all about, in a nutshell. Make sure you check back in with the newlyweds next week; it's the mid-season finale, and we all know what those are like.

Well the knot is officially tied, so what's next for the new Mr. and Mrs. Fraser? Leave your predictions for next week's mid-season finale in the comments below!

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