BWW Recap: HOH Competition Gets Slippery

BWW Recap: HOH Competition Gets Slippery

BWW Recap: HOH Competition Gets Slippery

It didn't take long once Nicole reentered the game for her to become the target again in the "Big Brother" house. Donny, who has practically been on the block all summer, realized his only hope was relying on "Team America" to save him, even though that alliance seems to have gone down the drain as well.

While there was some consideration of sending Nicole home Cody realizes that Donny is a huge player in the game and it would be smarter to send him home now. Though it seemed inevitable that she would be safe, a paranoid (yet precious) Nicole whispered with Derrick about the chances of her going, and how coming back into the game "feels weird." Derrick reassured her she had nothing to worry about, as the house wanted Donny gone.

While sunbathing (which they apparently spend a good deal of time doing in the "Big Brother" house) Nicole and Christine exchanged apologies about the prior drama that happened between the two of them. An eavesdropping Frankie heard the conversation and started to question if Donny was the right houseguest to evict. During their own bromantic version of sunbathing (told you they all do it a lot) Frankie brought up the idea of keeping Donny in the house to Derrick.

After having the bug planted in his ear earlier from Frankie about fliping the vote, Caleb started debating the pros and cons of keeping Donny in the house for another week, and sending Nicole out the door once again to Derrick. The biggest question now is, do they have the votes to keep Donny in the game?

Frankie seems to think his "play," which was actually a "Team America" mission, was more exciting than it was. In fact, it wasn't exciting at all as American gave them an overwhelming no. Hey Frankie, you probably should have listened to ole Donny boy! There was a really sweet moment during the pre-eviction questions with Julie Chen as the houseguests were all treated to videos from their family and friends. Of course, CBS wasted no opportunity to feature Frankie's famous sister.

If you've been following "Big Brother" this season you know that quite a few houseguests have commented on the "closeness" of Cody and (married woman) Christine. Well leave it to ole "Big Brother" to produce a segment completely on what Christine's husband thinks of it all. Come to find out Christine's husband is not a fan of the "hair petting" that Cody gets. He also mentions that a couple of boundaries "have been crossed." Her mom, however, puts it more bluntly, she isn't happy at all. Cody's family is split when it comes to what their relationship is. Cody's dad thinks it is simple gameplay while his sister recommends he back off.

Then it was time for the live eviction. Votes to evict in order:

Christine: Donny

Victoria: Donny

Frankie: Donny

Caleb: Donny

Derrick: Donny

In a unanimous vote, the groundskeeper was sent packing by a 5-0 vote. If I have to be honest, I don't blame the decision of the house. If Donny made it to the final two, there was a pretty strong chance that he was going to win. After his elimination there were tears both inside and outside the house. Donny, clearly emotional during his post-eviction interview with Julie, admitted that his fellow "Team America" members hurt his feelings. Julie decided to end the interview on a more comical note asking Donny what he thought about all the theories of what his occupation really was. Like he's said from the get go, he IS a groundskeeper! But now he can call himself an actor as Julie informed Donny CBS's daytime soap "The Bold And The Beautiful" offered him a guest role! Pretty cool huh?!

Onto the HOH competition; it was a classic "Big Brother" game. Players had to race back and forth on a slippery platform, transporting water from one container to the other. The goal was to fill the container to the point where a ball would then be able to be retrieved. Seeing as these games usually take hours to complete, we won't know who wins HOH until Sunday night's episode.

Until then, you tell me; who do you want to win HOH and who do you think deserves to be nominated for eviction?

Photo Credit: CBS

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