BACKERS: A Documentary About the Heroes of Crowdfunding Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Everyday, hundreds of projects get funded on Crowdfunding sites where the creators have a platform to pitch their ideas and tell their stories. "BACKERS" is a documentary about the people who actually make it possible for these creators to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams.

The producers of "BACKERS" think it's high time to turn the spotlight on these unsung heroes who continue to keep the Crowdfunding machine moving.

According to a recent interview with "BACKERS" producer Ana Barredo, "Everytime time I read about a project that got funded via Crowdfunding, I find myself more fascinated with the people who donated their hard-earned cash to one of these projects than the projects themselves. Even more interesting is I discovered that many of these generous backers back more than one project at a time; I've even seen dozens whom have backed over 500 projects in just a couple of years!

I brought this up with a group of friends (who also happen to be my producing partners) one day and realized that I wasn't alone with this fascination. That same day, "Backers" was born."

A Kickstarter campaign for "BACKERS" kicked off on August 19, 2014 and runs for 30 days.

"The purpose of The Campaign is two-fold: First, to raise money. And second, to hear from as many backers as we can so they can tell their stories, for a change. We want to find out what motivates them to give their hard-earned dollars to help someone else reach their goal. These generous folks can serve as an inspiration to anyone who sees the documentary."



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