Attack On Titan Adapts the Manga's 'Baby' Scene in Finale

Attack on Titan has reached its finale.

By: Nov. 22, 2023
Attack On Titan Adapts the Manga's 'Baby' Scene in Finale

A thrilling news for all AOT enthusiasts that ATTACK ON TITAN has finally reached its finale and not only fans but other people are also going crazy over this super emotional scene with a baby in the anime. The show’s final episode is intense, especially a part where the innocent civilians are facing “The Rumbling” and it’s devastating. A lot of people are getting killed, and it’s all because of Eren’s orders! 

A quick recap: there’s a crowd of adults trying to escape, but they hit a cliff. Titans are closing in, and everyone is pushed off the cliff, basically facing certain death. But here’s the heart-warming part, there’s a brave mother who refuses to let her baby die. She does her desperate motherly moves like a last-minute crowd surf with her baby, trying to save him before she actually falls off the cliff. 

It’s very sad because despite the chaos and everyone dying around them, these people are holding onto their humanity. The adults, in a truly desperate situation, work together to pass THE BABY forward, trying to save it. It’s a powerful moment that shows even in the worst of times, people can be caring and selfless. 

This scene is making fans really sentimental because it reminds them of how powerful humanity can be once it’s united, even in the face of war. It’s like a glimmer of hope in a really dark situation. And if you’re itching to rewatch Attack On Titan, you can easily find it on Hulu or Crunchyroll. And if you're into reading manga, you can check out Hajime Isayama’s series in print or through the K MANGA app!