Video: Spadei Release New Music Video 'Shine A Light'

It is off their newly released debut album Left Right Here, out now.

By: Mar. 20, 2023

Spadei, the supergroup consisting of Wally Ingram, Tom Freund, and Stevie Blacke, is proud to announce the release of the music video for "Shine a Light." It is off their newly released debut album Left Right Here, out now with Six Degrees Records and available everywhere you stream music.

The critically acclaimed single along with the accompanied video opens on a meditative groove with the mantra "Shine a Light." Filmed by the dynamic producer Kenny 5 Greenbaum of Majic Robot Films, the video showcases the uplifting composition of strings, percussion, and layered vocals with a fantastic voyage of sights and sounds. For Wally Ingram, Spadei's drummer, "Left Right Here plays like a soundtrack accompaniment to the film of one's "real life" journey.

For this video I envisioned encompassing time travel from the desert to the sea and off into the stratosphere and outer space and landing right back home again! When we decided to pair our song 'Shine a Light' with visuals we reached out to a very talented director who I've been a fan of, Kenny Greenbaum of Majic Robot Films. He took the basic ideas and assembled a gorgeous visual art piece! A wonderful and playful balance between edgy, psychedelic, natural and supernatural elements.

Shine a light features vocals and lyrics by our partner Tom Freund as well as angelic Kirtan vocals from Amritakripa. Both are featured on camera on locations in Joshua Tree California. We absolutely are thrilled and honored to have worked with Kenny on this video! Enjoy the RIDE!"

Reflecting back on the new song Spadei's Tom Freund, who is on bass, main vocals, and glockenspiel comments, " 'Shine a Light' came from the search for light and the giving of light, we all must pursue as humans."

He continues, "We got together in the studio on our various instruments and started with music first, then came the words with my vocals along with the title and the whole song started to become a mantra."

"When we caught wind of the direction that this composition was moving, we thought it would be a perfect fit for the beautiful Kirtan vocals of Amritakripa, who did the "om na va shivaya" (salutations to the spirit) mantra. And that's also why at the end it felt right to add the words ``Bringing it all back home" to our place of refuge, peace of mind, with our family and our spiritual family. A reminder to be the good for people, to take us back to the center where we can recover from anything that has hurt us. It's a song about bringing in the positive light into our daily consciousness. As a bonus, we also had David Immergluck (Counting Crows) on background vocals.``

"Shine a Light" was the second single release off the new album, Left Right Here, which was conceived after conversations about how to reimagine "spa" or "relaxation" music. Spadei desired to create something that was enjoyable and at the same time elevates your mood with a Rock n Roll and psychedelic approach. As they progressed, the album became a therapeutic exercise for the musicians to help navigate through life's anxieties.

Wally Ingram, being a stage four cancer survivor, had learned the value of meditation and visualization to manage it. He explains, "I feel like this music goes hand in hand with the incredibly powerful and often overlooked practices of mindfulness, breathing and physical movement (yoga/dance). All of these are just as important and along with medical and psychological treatments are mutually beneficial."

Left Right here is a collection of musical soundscapes created for the soul and set to the tempos of your resting heart rate. It is the perfect soundtrack to deal with the stressful and uncertain post-pandemic era. Left Right Here is out now with Six Degrees Record.

Watch the new music video here:


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