VIDEO: Surfbort Releases 'Happy Happy Halloween' Music Video

The music video was directed by Linda Perry.

By: Oct. 21, 2021
VIDEO: Surfbort Releases 'Happy Happy Halloween' Music Video

Everyday is Halloween to Brooklyn's very own punk sensation, Surfbort. The band has released an extra special, extra ghostly and totally original Halloween song, "Happy Happy Halloween", in honor of the sinister festivities.

"Halloween is our favorite holiday and we celebrate it everyday so we wanted to make an extra spooky song to celebrate the ghouls and ghosts "says front woman, Dani Miller. The band went in thinking they were going to do a cover, but their ever-brilliant manager and album producer, Linda Perry, had other ideas, "Linda just started playing spooky Dracula noises on the keys and the rest is history. Happy Happy Halloween."

The song gives a gnarly twist on the Halloween songs we listened to as kids, think Monster Mash, but with the psyche of Freddy Kruger, name-checking their favorite goth idols Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy and Christian Death. The video, shot and directed by Perry, features the band in vivacious costumes (bass guitarist Nick Arnold as Bob Ross is a must-see) and really shows the members in their unearthly element. It's not hard to see why Surftbort owns Halloween.

This video is a special treat, coming out after their new raucously outrageous & much anticipated album, Keep on Truckin', which released on October 11, 2021. This full-length is part of the recently launched partnership between legendary producer, composer and philanthropist, Linda Perry and SoundCloud/Repost.

In an age of division where presentation has trumped content, where billionaires blast into space as the wealth gap increases and the entire society teeters on the spectrum of addiction, Keep on Truckin' reminds us that we're all geniuses and idiots, and that love, humor, magic, and the human sitting next to you are the only antidote to the capitalist hellscape," says singer Dani Miller. Guitarist Alex Kilgore chimed in that the album is comprised of "12 songs for a new world, a call to arms to blast love: a panacea to the corporate hellscape we live in."

Watch the new music video here: