VIDEO: DEEP Releases New Song 'The Light'

Famed Apollo Legends & popular R&B trio, DEEP, have returned to the music industry which they walked away from at the height of their stardom. Today marks the release of "The Light", catalyzing the new energy of this world. The trio, represented by Fix Music, turned down a record deal from Motown Records and exited the limelight shortly after being crowned Apollo World Champions. Click below to watch the video for "The Light"!

"We didn't stop loving music. We didn't stop loving our fans. We just didn't like the direction the industry was heading. We aren't about that, well, not totally. There's a lot more to our music than sex, drugs, women and cars. There are conversations about the universe, spirituality and the positive energy within people." DEEP desires to express themselves through their music multi-dimensionally. "And frankly, the industry wasn't ready for that back then, but everything has a season and our time is now," said Foster Jackson Jr., President and CEO of Fix Music.

The band continued to perform throughout the Tri-State area and used Social media to connect to their fans, yet they never stopped recording and producing music. They have two full-length albums recorded and are courting artists and photographers to add complimentary visuals to their projects.

DEEP is committed to releasing the music their fans want to hear. "No one is ever going to stop listening to dance music or slow jams, but that doesn't mean that there can't be legitimate content and quality production at the same time. It's how DEEP creates an experience. DEEP is the ultimate musical total package."

You can purchase "The Light" on iTunes HERE.

VIDEO: DEEP Releases New Song 'The Light'