VIDEO: Adam Zwig's 'Everybody Love' Music Video

Adam Zwig's latest Folk-Pop musical work, Visions of the Shimmering Night (July 4) offers rich, mind-expanding inspiration to a world in deep spiritual need. The singer, songwriter and "rock & roll therapist" transcends modern boundaries by dedicating his life and art to restoring those important connections. His newly released music video for "Everybody Love", the first single of the record, sends an inspirational message about the basic human connection and embraces diversity - something much needed in today's world. Watch the video below!

Visions of the Shimmering Night features a trippy and cosmic instrumental interlude (the title track) and 10 original vocal tunes that range from the spiritually provocative to hopeful and reflective and freedom seeking. The project was produced by Grammy Award winner Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn, The White Stripes, Modest Mouse) and Grammy winner David Bianco (Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, U2, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash). Always thinking ahead, Zwig has already completed a follow-up full length recording, set for release in 2014.

Acclaimed for his insightful folk-pop songs and dynamic performances throughout the U.S. and around the globe, the multi-talented performer's groundbreaking work as a psychotherapist goes hand in hand with, and is an extension of, his deep musical aesthetic. Because his concerts and workshops convey the very same messages, the Portland, Oregon based Zwig--who has been favorably compared throughout his career to Bob Dylan and Neil Young--was once dubbed by Seattle Musician as a "rock and roll guru" and "professor of rockology." Committed to lighting the divine spark in his patients and fans, Zwig sees the seamless blend of his music and therapy as reflections of his mission as a "psycho spiritual pyromaniac."

Indie rock fans have been aware of Zwig for a number of years, starting with his four year stint as songwriter and lead guitarist with the popular commercial rock band Shapeshifter, which toured the U.S., produced an award winning video, released four albums on Pinch Hit Records and scored the national hit single "My Enemy," at one point the most downloaded song on Napster. He's toured the U.S., Europe and Japan; recorded and co-produced a total of nine albums; has had his songs featured on shows on Fox Sports, Fuel TV, NBC and has been featured in many national media outlets, including CNBC, MSNBC, ABC,CBS, Forbes, Hollywood Reporter, Gibson and many music publications.

On the therapy side, Zwig has published thirty personal development articles; is an internationally renowned workshop leader and lecturer and the founder and director of Portland Health Services, a low income therapy clinic. Zwig has worked with thousands of people in workshops and private practice. His new book, "Flowers In The Dog S***: Solving Your Problems By Discovering Their Messages," is a testament to the creative way his worlds overlap into a seamless flow of positive, thought provoking energy. While the modern world may seek to split Zwig's important work as a therapist from his career as a musician, both are equal passions, complementary facets of his vision as a human being that accomplish exciting, life changing breakthroughs for all who have ears to hear.

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VIDEO: Adam Zwig's 'Everybody Love' Music Video