René Villa Drops New Pop Single 'Mistakes'

This is Villa's third release in the last year, following on from his album "Rawr" in July 2021.

By: Jun. 27, 2022

René Villa Drops New Pop Single 'Mistakes'

Pop singer-songwriter René Villa drops his latest single, "Mistakes" and it's bound to be the song of the summer!

Being a powerful song that presses on the deep wounds of a relationship lost to mistakes, inspiring listeners to valuing their significant relationships. With crisp, commercial production, along with intricate pop and dance, the sound alludes to artists like Dua Lipa and Zedd.

On the story behind the song, Villa says, "Mistakes was written in the moment that I realised it wasn't right the way I was behaving. The lyrics of the latest single capture the agony of hindsight & our inability to turn back time to prevent bad decisions that deeply damage our romances & push our partners away".

René hopes people can relate to his catchy new single - whether or not you have a partner, you're bound to dance along to this bop!

René Villa is an UK-based singer, songwriter and model. Drawing influences from Carlos Rivera, Luis Fonsi, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, Villa's emotional anthems put the dance and the electric rhythm back in pop music. René grew up in a small beach town in Costa Rica, where he began writing songs and performing in local talent shows and clubs.

This is Villa's third release in the last year, following on from his album "Rawr" in July 2021 & his single "Si Tu No Estas" this February. According to this promising new artist, the biggest mistake we can make in a relationship is not valuing our significant other - "we should make them feel listened too & special as much as we can" Villa added.

The up & coming Tico musician does end the song on a hopeful note - we can salvage our troubled relationships if we work to win back the trust & heart of those we love by addressing our lousy mistakes. Have a listen to "Mistakes" here:

Listen to the new single here: