Red Bull Music Academy Launches World Tour

Red Bull Music Academy Launches World Tour

Red Bull Music Academy is about to embark on a World Tour going straight to the heart of today's most crucial musical movements, and taking listeners beyond the beat. 10 ground-breaking celebrations and explorations around the globe will feature signature concerts, workshops, art installations, studio sessions and parties in extraordinary locations.

The 10 World Tour stops are Berlin, Cape Town, Detroit, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Rome, Sao Paulo and Toronto. Each event will highlight elements of the Red Bull Music Academy experience on a unique journey through sound. Encouraging DIY initiatives, exploring technology, crossing generations and letting cultures clash: all the while facilitating creative exchange between music lovers around the globe.

The World Tour will be a lead up to the 14th edition of the Red Bull Music Academy, to be held in Madrid in October 2011. For over 13 years, the Academy has scratched beneath the surface of the music that moves us, bringing musical pioneers from over 30 countries together for workshops, concerts and studio sessions, and investigating the intricate musical histories of each host city, as well as the overarching musical threads that unite us all.

Stepping into the future and bringing the music of the world to the world.

Here's a little overview of what's to come. All the highlights of Red Bull Music Academy's World Tour will be showcased in both video and radio format via: and

Cape Town

Maximum Signal Control

The first stop on the World Tour will bring together some of South Africa's most prolific crews -- DJs, soundboys, party promoters, producers and creative collectives -- at The Assembly in Cape Town to construct one of the country's top sound systems under the guiding hands of expert builders Valve Soundsystem (UK). A tribute to the very nucleus of club culture, the collaborative experience will be topped off by a three-day festival of sound featuring the full spectrum of electronic music, where all participating crews will have the opportunity to perform on the newly built system alongside world-renowned selectors. The soundsystem will then travel around South Africa to some of the country's largest musical events, including Rocking the Daisies and Earth Dance.

Date: August 29 - September 3, 2011


Hansa -- Das Studio der Mauerstadt

(Translation: Studio In A Walled City)

Hansa Studios is the one address that can tell of Germany's 20th century pop culture. Spanning from recordings of seminal albums like David Bowie's 'Low' and Iggy Pop's 'Lust For Life' to domestic staples like Einsturzende Neubauten. The Academy pays tribute to this legendary space with an opening concert inside the studio's 'Meistersaal' that will see cutting edge artists including Bodi Bill, Mano le Tough and Andreya Triana revisit the Hansa back catalogue, as well as performances by iconic Berlin-based techno artists Radio Slave and Moritz von Oswald. This is followed by exclusive studio workshops with Gareth Jones, a key producer from Hansa's glorious past, who gave his own sonic touch to Depeche Mode and Einsturzende Neubauten among others; Berlin production maverick Robot Koch; Tom Muller, sound engineer at Hansa Studios from 1971-89; Manfred Praeker of Spliff and the Nina Hagen Band; and chart-topping German rapper Casper. A complimentary set of afterparties take off at new cult venue Katerholzig -- celebrating the city's modern-day rep as the world capital of club culture.

Date: September 7-9, 2011


Questlove's Afro-Picks

During Jazz a la Villette festival, Red Bull Music Academy and Questlove of The Roots co-curate a special night dedicated to the immense impact of African funk and soul on modern music. Questlove's Afro-Picks is the world premiere of a unique show created by musical visionary Questlove, The Roots' drummer and hip hop producer. A long time partner of the Red Bull Music Academy, this outspoken taste-maker offers a contemporary tribute to African musical history through a selection of tracks played by the Afro-Picks Big Band, featuring Tony Allen himself on drums, Macy Gray, Black Thought, Mamani Keita, and Amp Fiddler, as well as members of Antibalas, of the David Murray Big Band, of The Roots, of the Tony Allen Band, and Fela!, the Broadway musical. Questlove's Afro-Picks is a unique show straddling tradition and modernity, struggle and liberation, music and politics. Questlove will also headline a clubnight on the 10th with his inimitable DJ selections.

Date: September 11, 2011


Motor City Frequencies

From Motown to garage rock and techno, Detroit is the birthplace of some of the most seminal records of all time; records which stand for whole musical eras. In tribute to this capital of innovative music, the Red Bull Music Academy has created a museum-level installation of music production and studio equipment at Flat 151. True musical pioneers drive home the most respected records to come out of Detroit: from garage rock pioneer Wayne Kramer (MC5), to in-demand hip hop producers Nick Speed and Mike Chav, to funk keysman Amp Fiddler and living techno legends Mike Banks and Juan Atkins. In these studios, lectures and hands-on workshops are held with key figures who have shaped the music landscape on a global scale. Two night time events put the theory into action, with Heavy Dancefloor excursions courtesy of 3 Chairs and a special Tribe Records showcase.<

Date: September 12-17, 2011


Culture Clash

Four soundsystems. Four styles. One champion. You decide. An extension of the Academy's very own Culture Clash series in a city with one of the largest West Indian populations outside the Caribbean. Legendary crews playing on massive soundsystems face off in the city's first ever cross-genre soundclash, hosted by Toronto's own Kardinal Offishall. The crews battling for the crowd's favour at Echo Beach are Afrika Bambaataa's Zulu Nation, Mad Decent, LuckyMe and Toronto All Stars. This will be the highlight for the critically acclaimed Manifesto Festival Of Community and Culture taking place in Toronto over a seven-day period.

Date: September 22, 2011


Notions of Sonic Space

A world of beats & bass re-imagined in 3D.

In Melbourne, musicians, producers, visual and new media artists come together on stage and in the studio to compare, collaborate and play with notions of sonic space. The Forum Theatre in Melbourne hosts an exploration into the zone where the audible and visual collide, merging the stereo field with the full colour spectrum for a dazzling multimedia adventure. From 2pm to 7pm, international music makers as well as renowned multimedia collective ENESS will speak about their techniques in the Lecture Space. Then, from 7pm to 1am, coupled with stunning 3D visuals courtesy of ENESS, leading figures in electronic music perform to create a unique world of visual sound and sonic imagery.

Featuring Galaxy 2 Galaxy, The Bamboos, Tim Exile, Deadbeat, Mike Huckaby, JPS, Rambl and Matt Radovich.

Date: September 25, 2011

New York City

Five Out Of Five

The Red Bull Music Academy pays tribute to hip hop, arguably the most influential youth culture of our time -- right where it all began. Over the course of five days, five classic albums from five boroughs will be revisited in lectures and workshops. At night, the artists will re-create their seminal work for a concert in each respective borough, bridging the gap from old to new school. Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan -- stand up!

Date: September 25-30, 2011


C'era Una Volta A Roma

(Translation: Once Upon A Time In Rome)

Adventurous. Horrifying. Sensual. The music of Italian cult movies revisited by an all-star orchestra.

Italy can claim credits to some of the greatest and most influential movie soundtracks ever. From spaghetti westerns to psychedelic animations, 'giallo' horror flicks to 70s cop films, the music continues to inspire everybody from Quentin Tarantino to Gnarls Barkley to Mike Patton. To celebrate this heritage, some of the original pioneers like Dino Piana and Silvano Chimenti as well as their younger counterparts like Fabrizio Bosso and Daniele Tittarelli super-collide in the Auditorium Parco della Musica concert hall as part of a 52-person orchestra. They'll perform pieces by seminal composers such as Ennio Morricone, Piero Umiliani and Goblin -- with arrangements by Massimo Nunzi that nod to the modern day sounds that those masters have influenced, plus breath-stopping live visuals by Luca Barcellona and Sean Martin that put a brand new spin on the original cinematic masterpieces.

Date: October 4, 2011

Sao Paulo

Que Tal PanameriKa?

(Translation: How About PanameriKa?)

Bringing together South America's freshest musical movements. A unique glimpse into South America's new music scene: pairing cult Brazilian artists with forward-thinking talent from all over South America. A workshop at Escola Sao Paulo sees musicians from across the continent exchanging inspiration; while a huge outdoor concert at Victor Civita square will showcase a rich mix of rhythms and flavours: from the freshest Afro-Colombian hip hop, to next-level Brazilian Afrobeat-Latin fusion, and Mexican techno-acoustic hybrids.

Featuring Bixiga 70 (with guest appearances by Brazilian alumni Bruno Morais, Mauricio Fleury and Gabriel Nascimbeni), Rebolledo, Daniel Maloso, Choc Quib Town

Date: October 8-9, 2011

Revolutions In Sound

Dial into the sounds of London one capsule at a time.

For two hours, the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour culminates its circumnavigation of the globe by taking over the biggest ferris wheel in Europe, the EDF Energy London Eye. In each of the 30 capsules, crucially influential producers, DJs and bands, including some Red Bull Music Academy alumni, present the latest upfront London sounds making waves around the globe. Giving Londoners a unique chance to musically travel around the world, just as the Academy has done, from seismic bass to lover's rock -- in the blink of a London Eye. Artists to be announced at