Ray Comfort's THE BEATLES, GOD, AND THE BIBLE Looks at John Lennon's Spirituality

Ray Comfort's THE BEATLES, GOD, AND THE BIBLE Looks at John Lennon's Spirituality

A new book called, The Beatles, God, and the Bible by best-selling author, Ray Comfort, looks at the spirituality of the world's most famous rock group, and in particular, that of John Lennon.

Comfort says, "There are some who believe that John signed a pact with the devil, and that was the reason that they achieved instant world-wide fame. I tend to believe that it was because their music was good. Really good. I can remember the very moment I heard them sing back in 1963. The song gave me instant joy. Amazingly, after all these years, it still does."

Comfort added that most don't know that John attended church as a young boy, and that he was kicked out for misbehaving. "In 1965, when they were asked about their spirituality, Paul said 'None of us believe in God.' But as they matured over the years so did their thinking. John ended up saying: 'I'm a most religious fellow,' George: 'I want to find God,' Ringo: 'God is in my life,' and Paul: 'I'm very spiritual.' Still, it's hard for many to reconcile that John was spiritual-in the light of his 'We are more popular than Jesus,' and for singing 'Imagine there's no heaven.' But Comfort says that his book gives readers a new perspective on both of those issues.

The former U.S. Manager of Apple Records, Ken Mansfield, provided a Foreword, saying that it is a "difficult task of tackling the oft-deliberated subject of John Lennon and God…" but that Comfort "comes at the subject matter from the outside, ends up inside and then turns it all about, and spreads the results at your feet. He does what he does best…"

The Beatles, God, and the Bible has been released with a new movie called "Genius," to coincide with the December 8th death of John Lennon, and may be freely viewed at www.GeniusTheMovie.com. To watch the trailer, click HERE.