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Planetary Group Introduces ToBy; New EP 'El Prado Blvd.' Due Out Next Friday

Planetary Group is excited to announce the newest addition to their roster-- Miami-based rapper ToBy, the musical alias of 23-year-old Reggie Baril and member of the BARIKUDAxDEATHWISH rap crew.

ToBy has already had a stellar start to 2017. He released his EP What the Future Told Me--produced by Seattle producer sov--in January, featuring the cinematic double music video for "Wait For It" and "I'm On". In April, ToBy debuted his single "Trader Joe's" alongside the new KUDA Live Band-- members include drummer Ruben Cardenas from SMLE, guitarist David Hidalgo, and bassist Mike Rolfsmeyer. Further, only a few days ago, ToBy released the cinematic video for "Double Up."

In addition to these strong releases, ToBy's second EP this year, El Prado Blvd., will be available on June 30, featuring guest appearances from artists Helen Tess, Abomb & Krass, and Keith Cooper. As ToBy prepares to release El Prado Blvd., we wanted to share more about the artist and his thoughts on the upcoming EP:

Is there a specific track on the album that means the most to you? "Loveblind" is probably the one track I have the biggest soft spot for. It was the first track we worked on at the Prado house and it laid down the groundwork for what the project was gonna challenge me to be: genuine. It hits close to home because it was a product of me looking back on a relationship in my formative years and really come to terms with my behavior and the way I handled things. I think putting it in a song helped me understand who I was and take active measures to not make the same mistakes.

How do you feel that you've developed on this EP since your past work? Like I said earlier, El Prado Blvd. gave me a chance to be really honest with myself and pry some personal things into my music. Before I would get really heady and introspective in my songs but in a harmless sense; talking about more removed subjects. I'm also singing the most I have on any other project which felt good to do.

A couple of the songs on the EP have guest features. What's your favorite part about collaborating? I'm actually super picky with my collaborations. I either need to know someone super personally or be blown away by their talent. Luckily, the features on this project came from people that fill both of those requirements. Krass is my best friend and also a member of BARIKUDA. I'm proud to say he's got his own tracks in the works (a few that I'm on) and it's always fun working with him. A Bomb I met through Ruben, he came through with his mic setup for us to record scratch vocals on, so we had to return the favor. Helen Tess is on a bunch of SMLE songs and we were lucky enough to get her vocals for "Erase the Day."
How was it different recording with The KUDA Live band? Will they be joining you for live shows? I've been recording with Ruben virtually my entire career so it really wasn't any different. He knows my voice better than almost anybody. I would say writing to the music as it's being made was a first. I could change things according to the beat and vice versa. I would love for the band to join me for as many shows as possible! When there's a tour in the works, they will be the only option.

Who/what are your musical influences? I draw influence from many different things/people. Donald Glover is someone I've looked up to since I was 16 in my awkward nerdy black kid phase (which never ended). Tyler the Creator as well for his independence and tenacity. I admire people who do things their way and ignore the naysayers.

What's one thing that you've learned from recording with Seattle producer sov on your last EP that you brought to recording El Prado Blvd.? "Don't be afraid to go weird". Ever since WTFTM I've embraced my eclectic nature and never shy away from a sound or a method just because it's unconventional. I think uniqueness and individuality should be held to the utmost regard for any PERSON, not just artists. Who's gonna do you better than yourself? Oh, and if you can rap fast and clear, do that s.

What do you want people take away from your music? I want people to listen to my music and embrace the weird creative side of themselves and go out and do something awesome. I wanna be an example for anybody that feels like going after an artistic pursuit might not be worth it. It's always worth it.

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