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Periel Releases New Song 'Momma' in Time For Mother's Day

The song is available for free download on Periel's website.

Periel Releases New Song 'Momma' in Time For Mother's Day

Musician, artist and animal welfare advocate, Periel wrote and recorded her song "Momma" to show appreciation for her mom," and to give others a song to share with their special mom - just in time for Mother's Day.

"My mom has been there for me every step of the way," states Periel. Most would agree that we all appreciate music that is created to uplift and inspire. One way to convey appreciation for the many women who deserve to be honored this Mother's Day and every day is through Periel's song, "Momma."

Conveying just how much the love and support from her mom has helped her with one of "the biggest challenges of her life," Periel states, "We used to talk once a week or so, but after my breast cancer diagnosis, we started doing daily Facetime calls. These calls got me through the emotional roller coaster of chemotherapy, which was pretty grueling. I'm so thankful to have come out on the other side with an "all clear" and a new perspective on her life."

"I wanted to do something to thank her and I felt that writing a song would be a unique and special way to do that," states Periel. Continuing, "I haven't been the type of songwriter who sits down and says, 'I'm going to write a song about such and such. Lyrics usually just fall into my head from a place I'm not fully conscious of. So, it was in my mind that I wanted to write a song for my mom. When the lyrics began to develop, I woke up with the first line of the song in my mind: 'When I was born, I won the lottery,' and it flowed from there. I decided to release it to coincide with Mother's Day but in my mind, every day is Mother's Day when you love your wonderful mom."

Periel shared knowledge regarding the treatment that she had, which helped her to overcome cancer; so that others, who are in the midst of fighting to overcome breast cancer, can have a potential alternative option opposed to conventional treatment. Stating "I was super depressed about the prospect of life and body altering surgery. My best friend found an amazing doctor, Dr. Dennis Holmes, M.D. who is pioneering a revolutionary alternative procedure, done in lieu of surgery, called Cryoablation. This is where the tumor is actually frozen. Periel explained that this is an outpatient procedure done with local anesthesia, which "saved her from the physical and psychological trauma of a mastectomy." Conveying, "I feel that it is important that all women know that this option is available. It might not be appropriate in all cases, but for many women it may be a viable option. I know for me it's been a blessing and an amazing alternative to a mastectomy."

Those who want to learn more about cryoablation as an alternative to a mastectomy, may visit

Periel divides her time and energy between her two biggest passions: music and animals. Periel is involved with dog rescue, volunteering and helping to organize mobile adoptions for the Los Angeles City animal shelter, as well as volunteering to take photos and videos of shelter dogs over the years. Periel states, "I was even a "transporter" for years, driving with carloads of dogs who were rescued from Los Angeles shelters to take them to rescue groups in Northern California and even as far as Utah." Periel has four rescued family dogs, who were all initially "transport passengers" saved from the shelters. Periel explained that they had stayed overnight at her house the night before their scheduled transport; however, their transports did not take place. As many animal rescuers can relate - this one night stay with a great advocate and rescuer can sometimes turn into their forever home; in the case of Periel's four rescue dogs - it did. "Sometimes we just know that we have met our forever, furry family members, and they know it too," states fellow animal advocate and rescuer, Lisa Pellegrene. Pellegrene has a background as a long time animal welfare and vegan advocate, who is a media professional with a background in TV/FILM, as well as the author of "Be Epic, Choose Love." She perpetuates media which inspires and uplifts. "I hope that many download Periel's song, "Momma" for Mother's Day. It's a song filled with beauty, as well as one which demonstrates Periel's strength and resilience after overcoming cancer. She is ready to uplift and inspire through her music, giving everyone a song to honor their special mom as well."

Periel discussed that her goals for the remainder of 2021 include "putting out more music and helping more animals," two important aspects of her life for which she has passion and feels great purpose. Mentioning, "I'd love to find a way to combine the two, maybe doing benefit shows, whether live at a venue or virtual." Her hope for her song, "Momma," is to inspire and uplift, which is the case with most of her music.

Concluding the interview to state, "I really do hope that I can bring some additional light into people's lives through my music."

Readers can listen to Periel's song "Momma," as well as watch the music video and to receive a free download of it by visiting Periel's website, Be sure to download it in time for Mother's Day. Links to all streaming platforms can be found at

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