Orkestar Kriminal at SXSW -Criminal Gypsy-Punks Mix Guerrilla Shows

Orkestar Kriminal at SXSW -Criminal Gypsy-Punks Mix Guerrilla Shows

They don't call themselves criminal punks for nothing! Orkestar Kriminal are heading to SXSW where they will play five guerrilla style shows and two official showcases, including a spot at the International Day Stage on March 15th and a show at The Russian House, on Saturday March 18th, at 10pm

Orkestar Kriminal is comprised of improv performers who interpret inspired renditions of slum-based world music. They sing gutsy and adventurous criminal songs that originate from a dangerous and forgotten era, such as Mexican tequila-smuggling songs, Russian prisoner laments, Afghani hookah grooves, Greek opium den blues, and Yiddish thieves' dances. The band formed in 2012 three days before the POP Montreal International Music Festival so that front lady Giselle's former orchestra could scam free passes to the festival.

Their debut album Tummel, meaning "chaos" in Yiddish, summarizes in one word the racket the band can create. This is demonstrated in the video for "Der Shmayser", directed by Bruno Goulard and edited by John Hepworth. The clip was filmed live in the Montreal Metro and features Giselle being chased around by a security agent as she tries to meet the rest of her band to perform in the train.

Orkestar SXSW dates:
Tues, March 14 -- Pedestrian Bridge @ 3pm
Wed, March 15 -- Austin Convention Center, SXSW International Day Stage @ TBA
Thur, March 16 -- Underneath the Austin Congress (Bat) Bridge @ 6pm
Fri, March 17 -- In front of Swan Dive (POP Montreal showcase) @ 7:45 pm
Sat, March 18 -- Russian House - Official Showcase @ 10pm
Sun, March 19 -- 6th Street + Brazos @ 12noon
Mon, March 20 -- KickButt Coffee Music & Booze @ 8pm*
*all proceeds will go to benefit the families of the Quebec City Mosque shooting