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Noah Cunane Releases New Single & Video 'DEAD INSIDE'


The themes of rebirth and moving on are amplified by this graphic imagery and message. 

Noah Cunane Releases New Single & Video 'DEAD INSIDE'

Today, Noah Cunane releases his new single and video, "DEAD INSIDE" . The bold and raw storyteller invites us into his mind in this self-reflective "anti cookie cutter cohesive" single. The highly anticipated track, with over 21K+ TikTok views on the unreleased snippet, serves as his most personal, raw, and honest song to date. The song and visuals serve as a dynamic twosome to cement the message and title of the song - watch below.

Following up Noah's previous release "F*CK ABOUT IT", a track that continued his tales of relationships and heartbreak through music, Noah has more to say in this contemplative piece.

"Dead Inside has to do with a lot of anxiety. When you find yourself saying "what's the point?" You're not happy with yourself and don't want to do anything because you don't feel right. You can't be happy if you're not happy with yourself first. Especially nowadays with social media and perfect image, it makes people super self-conscious and it's saying "f that, love yourself for being you." The line "been hungover since we met" I"m singing that in the way I met anxiety and how I met my anxiety head-on and trying to learn how to live with it and feel better on my own. It could also apply to a toxic relationship or friendship." Noah Cunane on "DEAD INSIDE"

His inspiration for the track is clear-cut in the audacious visuals that play out like a drama film. Noah can be seen with a bloody cross carved into the middle of his chest accompanied by his vices, ie, a cigarette, as doctors and nurses try to save him. At the end of the video, Noah escapes the hospital with his heart and places it back in his chest. The themes of rebirth and moving on are amplified by this graphic imagery and message.

Noah has taken a new sonic direction after taking time off to focus on his mental health. Propelled by this time, Noah leaned into creating a sound and image that felt more 'him.' Finding himself back at his roots of punk pop-rock and emo-inspired sounds where his emotions are let loose, Noah took the challenges he faced and put it into his music. "I learn more sh*t about myself when I listen to my songs," he relayed. "It's almost therapy to me," he continues, "I'm interpreting myself through my music...That's how people will know me through the songs."

Noah is "a small town kid who chased a dream" making music with heart, defiance, and artistry. He is surely a star on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Passionate for this next era, Noah is ready to share his story with the world and introduce the first chapter.

Listen here:

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