Eliot Lipp to Play Cervantes' Other Side in Denver, 12/14

Eliot Lipp to Play Cervantes' Other Side in Denver, 12/14

Eliot Lipp will be playing a show in Denver on December 14th, 2013 at Cervantes' Other Side.

After more than eight years of global touring, seven solo albums on labels such as Pretty Lights Music, Old Tacoma Records, Hefty Records, and Mush, Eliot Lipp's status as an electronic music pioneer is known to scene experts and weekend warriors alike.

Named one of Vibe Magazines top 10 fastest rising DJs (Summer 2013) Vibe says " Eliot Lipp is making moves! ...Signed to Pretty Lights Music, Lipp's omnivorous taste in music expands to include everything from electro to funk to indie to downtempo and trap."

"And do 312," says Lipp "a cut above the rest. His ability to extract and blend elements of soul, hip hop, jazz, electro and so forth, have allowed him to gain notoriety and esteem as one of the best producers in electronic music today."

In a recent interview with Jay Z's blog Life+Times, Lipp commented that "People are scared to set themselves apart from the norm, but risks need to be taken in order to progress."

Perhaps this is what sets Lipp apart from the rest. He is a risk taker, not afraid to do something a little different.

"This guy knows how to build tension and suspense and break new ground without loosing sight of quality craftsmanship." - Magnetic Magazine

For more information, visit Eliotlipp.com.