Caleb Hawley Announces Self-Titled Album Release

Caleb Hawley Announces Self-Titled Album Release

28 year-old Caleb Hawley is an American soul singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and multi instrumentalist. Having solely written and fully produced 3 prior albums, his fourth self-titled album, "Caleb Hawley," is set to bring a huge swell of acclamation. With this album, Caleb single-handedly grabs the music industry by the horns and steers listeners back to his sweet spot - soul music. Hawley proclaims, "In all the different musical phases of my life, it's always been soul music that has hit me hardest. Never mattered who the artist was, I'd always tend to find the most soulful tune on their CD and hit the repeat button, so I guess it felt natural to write and record this music."

Approaching his art from the purest of places, Caleb is engaging in his awe-inspiring talent, and his genuine love for music and incomparable work ethic has set him on a road destined for tremendous success. Hailing from Minneapolis and now calling Harlem home, there is absolutely nothing boilerplate about this shaggy-haired, blue-eyed, multi-faceted musician who started out with just a dollar and a dream.

On paper, Hawley's resume reads as the standard who's who for up-and-coming superstars. He graduated from the famed Berklee College of Music with a degree in jazz composition and received top honors for his songwriting mastery in the prestigious New York Songwriters Circle Contest, the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the Telluride Festival, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and Rocky Mountain Folks Fest. Hawley also placed in the final fifty on the 2011 American Idol Season. Touring all over the country playing to sold-out venues and nationwide festivals, audiences walk away from a Caleb Hawley show with a permanent grin, a heart full of laughter, and a voice that leaves them craving more.

The first single off Caleb's latest album, "Little Miss Sunshine," is a prophetic anthem addressing bullying in the most soft, sensitive, and profound of ways. Written with thoughts of his niece in mind, meaningful lyrics like "You don't have to be bombshell beauty queen blonde Barbie girls like all the girls you're looking up to" and "Never try to be somebody you're not," merge with addictive melodies and seamlessly pair a powerful message to people of all ages. With bullying currently being so prevalent in our society, "Little Miss Sunshine" will resonate through the hearts of many when it releases on May 14th.

Caleb says of his 4th album, "Caleb Hawley "as a whole is a bit like listening to a soul record with a time warp button, being that after track 6 you travel straight out of the late 60's into a more modern sound which was heavily influenced by them. The album is meant to be heard as a two sided vinyl. Both sides have similar flavors, but side one sounds like a record you'd find in your uncles high school collection, while side two you might find in his son's current one, being a bit more modernized with beefed up bass 'n beats."