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Bopper Introduces New Voice-Assisted Technology Feature For Music Licensing

Bopper voice assistant makes finding the right song for an ad spot easier than ever.

These days, it feels as if you can ask Alexa, Siri, or Google anything, and they can provide you with any information you ask for without you lifting a finger. Why is this not the case when searching for music to use for ads, film, and TV? Bopper Music is about to change that.

Bopper is announcing their latest experiment in new voice technology. This music company believes the next frontier in sync is voice-assisted search to enable more casual browsing and discovery, as opposed to more manual searches that are often lengthy and tedious. With this new feature, you can even find out over voice communication how much it would cost to license a song you like.

Bopper makes it seamless, safe, and fun to license indie artists. This new feature is another example of how they are pushing the boundaries of innovation by using tech and AI to make the music licensing experience as efficient and easy as possible. Having years of previous experience working with ad agencies, they are an approved vendor at all major ad industry groups including Publicis Groupe, Omnicom Group, WPP, and Dentsu.

Bopper voice assistant makes finding the right song for an ad spot easier than ever

B2B music licensing service, Bopper, continues to drive innovation in the music licensing for advertisers field. Their latest experiment, Bopper Voice Assistant, is already turning heads in the ad world. Bopper's voice assistant helps to make the identification and selection of pre-cleared tracks even easier for advertisers and brand managers to pair with their video and audio advertising.

"It's hard to be first at anything, but we're the first music tool in the B2B space," said Phil Messier, Co-founder and VP of Product and Partnerships at Bopper. "There are so many tools for consumers, but the business side is still tied to desktops for the most part, and it's just not a great experience. We are trying to break away from the track list, make it a more convenient experience for advertisers and brand managers using a much more intuitive discovery with A.I. and voice assistants."

Bopper's vision for a music licensing app was simplicity and convenience. Though they are not the first to try to tackle quick and convenient music licensing online, they are the first to specifically target advertisers and brand managers. They are also the first music license platform that utilizes a voice assistant.

Unlike Google Nest or Amazon's Alexa, Bopper's voice assistant is a hybrid model, meaning the assistant is paired with a visual platform. Bopper's voice activated robo-assistant was designed using the Google Assistant app, and is still in the developmental stage - but many of Bopper's early users have found startlingly good results on the first try.

The process is simple - users can simply say something like, "Bopper, I need a spooky, ethereal song for a Halloween ad," and the voice assistant application will return a limited number of hyper-relevant, high-quality tracks onscreen that are sync ready and pre-cleared. In what used to be a days- or even weeks-long process, with Bopper you can start with "I need a song for an ad" and end up with licensed, downloaded sync in minutes.

Because Bopper had busy advertising and brand consultancies in mind, they made a conscious decision to limit the amount of search returns to only the most highly relevant tracks, so as to not clutter the screen or send the user spiraling through a long track list of potential options.

"We have decades of experience and huge amounts of data on how brand managers search for music and tracks to fit their ad spots," said Messier. "We can leverage that data when designing our software, and that guided our design choices within the application."

Founded in 2013, Bopper is the only platform for music discovery and pre-authorized licensing specifically designed to make creative work easier for advertising agencies and brand managers. The company's mission is to give brand content producers access to the hottest up-and-coming artists, while ensuring that they receive fair compensation for the use of their works.

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