'12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS' Now Available as Download or E-Book

'12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS' Now Available as Download or E-Book

Today, at the 11th hour on the 11th Day of Christmas, iTunes posted the song "Our Father Gave To Us The Twelve Days of Christmas." You can download it today to your music library for only$0.99 and celebrate the 12th Day of Christmas and the Epiphany!

Last year, author Rebecca Even of Prayersongs Publishing released a song, a book, an ornament kit, and a youtube video reflecting the likely Catholic meanings behind the lovable and popular song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Thirty years ago, a Byzantine priest, released a "juicy tidbit" on The Internet that he stumbled upon while doing his doctoral thesis. This letter was written in the mid-1600's from one Jesuit priest to another. According to this priest, the letter revealed that the silly, seemingly non-sensical song was originally intended to be a covert catechism for the Catholic faithful of the time.

The elderly and scholarly priest does not care to discuss the validity of what he saw, and because he did not keep the letter, he cannot produce it for proof. As a result, he simply says, "Believe if you will or do not; it is up to you."

Last year, after the first public singing of this old song (with new words), one bishop gave an impromptu teaching on the history of this period. In Rome, there is a college named The Venerable College of England. During the time period in question, this college was run by the Jesuits. For nearly 100 years during this period, EVERY seminarian who came out of that school was martyred for their faith in England. In fact, if you visit the college today, you will see that The Church is surrounded by paintings depicting the martyrdoms that earned the college the moniker of the "School of Martyrs".

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