Legendary Jose Feliciano To Play The House of Blues Anaheim On 10/23

 Legendary Jose Feliciano To Play The House of Blues Anaheim On 10/23

The Legendary Jose Feliciano is set to play The House of Blues Anaheim on Oct. 23, and at Widney High School in Los Angeles on Oct. 22. Feliciano comes full circle: he sang the National Anthem at the San Francisco Giants game Sunday, October 14th, the place where he originally got his start.

Mr. Feliciano made history in 1968 when he sang his rendition of the National Anthem! His performance caused major controversy at the time and most radio stations stopped playing his records. In retrospect, his version showed off his signature style which made him a household name and catapulted his career earning him 9 Grammy's to date and international stardom.

His latest CD... available now... "The King... by Jose Feliciano," visits some of Elvis Presley's greatest hits as well as some of Jose's favorite Elvis songs.

After over a year in his private studio, Jose handpicked twelve Elvis songs. He arranged each one, played all of the instruments, recorded all of the background vocals and branded each song with his own distinctive voice and guitar genius.

Recently, Mr. Feliciano traveled to Australia, Korea, Canada and more! He is now set to go on a US tour.

JP Widney High School is a special ed center that was founded 50 years ago and is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. We serve mentally and physically challenged students from LA's center city. We have a student body of just over 200 students. We also have the world-famous Kids of Widney High songwriting class which has produced 4 CDs (one with the help of Jackson Browne and another with the help of Mike Patton from Faith No More.

Photo Courtesy of Jose Feliciano' Official Web Site