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VIDEO: Watch American Ballet Theatre's TOUCHE In Honor Of Pride Month

Watch the new work created in honor of Pride Month from choreographer Christopher Rudd.

In his first work for American Ballet Theatre, Rudd has choreographed Touché for Principal Dancer Calvin Royal III and corps de ballet member João Menegussi. The work is set to Que Te Mate el Desierto, an original score by Woodkid from the motion picture Desierto, and Giuseppe Tornatore Suite by Ennio Morricone, recorded by Yo-Yo Ma from the motion picture Malèna. Touché, created and filmed in Silver Bay, New York, explores themes of male love. Sarah Lozoff served as intimacy director.

"My works are driven by my desire to better the world through dance," said Rudd. "When Kevin Mckenzie offered me the commission a year ago, I was worried that I would have to compromise my voice in order to fit into an existing culture. Instead, I spoke and was heard. That proved to be the first step towards the creation of Touché, and what I hope will be the first of many steps towards using dance to push culture forward and using culture to push dance forward. I believe both dance and culture are ready for this push."

Choreography: Christopher Rudd
Dancers: Calvin Royal III João Menegussi
Intimacy Direction: Sarah Lozoff
Music: Woodkid (Que Te Mate el Desierto) and Ennio Morricone (Giuseppe Tornatore Suite from Malena)
Cinematography: Matador Content

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