UCSB Department of Theater/Dance's to Present Spring 2023 Kinetic Lab

Performances run June 7-9.

By: Jun. 03, 2023
UCSB Department of Theater/Dance's to Present Spring 2023 Kinetic Lab

The UCSB Department of Theater/Dance has announced Kinetic Lab 2023, our final dance production of the Performance Season. The product of a year-long arc of choreographic study, six Dance BFA students tackle their first foray into choreography for groups, and step outside of the dancing to develop a directorial eye. Coming to UCSB's Hatlen Theater June 7-9, discover what these young, developing choreographers bring to Santa Barbara's Dance landscape.

In his sixth time directing Kinetic Lab, concert director and choreographic advisor Brandon Whited shares that, “the primary focus of this project is on process, and the students finding methods of dance-making that feel interesting and useful toward the realization of their vision.” Whited notes, “Emphasizing process over product helps to develop an objective eye as a choreographer and encourages the students to stay open to the myriad of possibilities, rather than getting bogged down by the initial idea.”

Choreographer Riley Haley is interested in exploring the connotations of authority, perfection, organized chaos, and relationships. Her movement quality lies in the realms of pedestrian movement, contemporary dance, and improvised scores. Choreographer Tiersha Lin is exploring the theory of dreaming as a bridge between the human and spiritual worlds. Incorporating partnering, floorwork, and collaborative creative processes, the piece investigates the thrills and dangers of lucid dreaming, as both humans and spirits become cognizant of the other world's existence.

Choreographer Gabi Smith is choreographing a dynamic pointe piece in the contemporary ballet idiom with an emphasis in musicality. The piece requires strong ballet technique to execute the movement to its fullest extent. Choreographer Chloe Swoiskin is creating a modern/contemporary piece exploring representations of the brain and sensations of consciousness. She is collaborating with dancers in an experimental process to delve into their individuality and how we can communicate through movement.

Choreographer Alexis Del Valle's piece focuses on the idea of moving onwards through chaos and obstacles while overcoming something. This piece, titled Enduring Onwards, will utilize contemporary partnering technique within the modern dance genre, and incorporate moments of unison and non-unison with a focus on layered dynamics.

Lastly, Skylar Yeung is exploring the style of jazz and implementing both ballet and modern/contemporary techniques into jazz technique and movement. Utilizing each dancers' unique movement qualities and impeccable technique, she was able to create an engaging piece with a multitude of dynamics.

UCSB Dance BFA students spend their Junior year in a three-step choreography-arc, building the skills of composition and development of material, while honing a unique artistic voice and perspective to create work around a central idea, concept, or question. This instruction provides students with unique support and mentorship to become the dancers, choreographers, and art makers that will make an impact in our community and the world.

The Spring 2023 Kinetic Lab Dance Concert features choreography from 6 Dance BFA Juniors, performances by 38 dancers, and displays styles including Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, and Ballet. Audiences will not want to miss UCSB's final dance production of the 2022-2023 Season!

Spring 2023 Kinetic Lab


Concert Director Brandon Whited


Featuring 6 Choreographers:

Alexis Del Valle

Riley Haley

Tiersha Lin

Gabi Smith

Chloe Swoiskin

Skylar Yeung

June 7-9 | 7:30 pm | Hatlen Theater




$15 – General Audience
$11 – Students, Seniors, and UCSB Faculty, Staff, Alumni


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