Dance New Amsterdam Partners with FitEngine to Launch FITNESS @ DNA


Dance New Amsterdam (DNA), NYC's foremost progressive dance education and performance center, and FitEngine, a solutions-centered service helping exercise enthusiasts navigate the complex world of fitness and wellness, partner to pilot a new fitness program, Fitness @ DNA, which began yesterday, November 5, 2012. Designed for the 9-5 worker who desires an effective but quick workout, the program will offer 20- and 40-minute classes that feature exercise techniques focused on full-body toning, slimming and stretching with moderate to low sweat. Fitness @ DNA is open to everyone at all fitness levels; rates are $10 for 20- and 40-minute classes. Classes will take placebetween 7:00-9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and noon–2:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

The new pilot program will provide an opportunity for DNA and FitEngine to expand the program to near-by businesses that encourage healthy living. Fitness @ DNA is a key capacity building initiative of DNA's Building Blocks to Recovery plan to increase programs that not only introduce movement to the community but also attract newcomers along with increased revenue.

The daily Fitness @ DNA class offerings include Toning and Sculpting taught by Candace Tabbs, Yin Stretch and Flexibility taught by Narisara Vanichanan, Fitness Bootcamp taught by Keeley Walsh, Chair Fitness taught by Jodi Moccia, and Video Workouts lead by Sharon Osborne. The Fitness @ DNA workouts are designed to maximize results efficiently so participants get a superior workout regardless of fitness level. Instructors have been selected and assigned classes based on their fitness expertise and cross-modality training. In contrast to high-impact fitness trends, Fitness @ DNA classes will meld dance kinesiology practices and fitness to insure participants work all muscle groups, particularly the deeper inferior muscles key for improving alignment and attaining a proper balance of strength, flexibility and endurance.

"As part of the Building Blocks to Recovery we've initiated fitness and wellness programs that offer opportunities for DNA to be more deeply connected to the community. Our location is ideal for offering busy corporate and city workers an opportunity to get healthy and stay fit," said Catherine Peila, Executive/Artistic Director. "We're opening our doors earlier so DNA will become a morning stop for getting geared up for the day as well as 20-minute lunchtime classes that make it easy to workout, eat and be back at work or home all within an hour."

Neighboring businesses and corporations are encouraged to join DNA in keeping NYC fit by checking out these offerings and bringing a friend. A special buy one get one half off promotion will run until November 10 to provide dancers and the community an opportunity to experience Fitness @ DNA; classes must be used on the same day. StartingNovember 11, DNA will also offer a special 11 for $11 class card deal good towards all non-Fitness @ DNA classes, the $10 rates of which remain unchanged. DNA members are eligible to purchase two cards; nonmembers are eligible to purchase one card.

"As a part of the DNA community since its founding, I was eager to answer their call to the community as part of their Building Blocks to Recovery initiatives to build partnerships through which they could increase community offerings and exposure," said FitEngine founder Tasha Norman. "Working together to develop fitness offerings catered to DNA's needs has been a wonderful opportunity for FitEngine to fulfill our belief that fitness and health should always be a part of an individual's lifestyle and we're committed to developing programs that make it easy for one to choose, access and participate in fitness."

DNA is a leading choice by dance professionals who seek quality dance training. It is one of the city's most highly regarded dance organizations, fostering growth of contemporary dance as well as offering a variety of genres including wellness and fitness offerings. The organization serves over 35,000 people each year and offers more than 120 classes weekly.


Toning & Sculpting (40 mins, low/moderate sweat): Rejuvenate, sculpt and claim your right to reshape your body. Toning and sculpting class exercises are designed to intensely work deep muscles throughout the body without adding any bulk. Low-impact exercises tone and sculpt arms, trim and firm hips and thighs, and flatten and strengthen abs. Class is appropriate for everyone.

Yin Stretch & Flexibility (20 mins, low sweat): This class will increase flexibility of the body's connective tissues and joints-improving health, lowering stress levels and calming the mind. This form of yoga willenergize deep tissues of primarily the spine, hips and shoulders. You will leave class feeling lengthened, revitalized and restored. Yin stretch is appropriate for all fitness levels. Beginners are welcome.

Fitness Bootcamp (20 minutes, moderate sweat): Focusing on form and muscle tone, this high-intensity work out will strengthen hips, legs, and core muscles. Bootcamp class cross-trains the body for improved overall fitness.Each class will combine a mix of cardio, strength, toning and flexibility. This effective and physically challenging class will keep you coming back for more. See your progress and strength increase with each class. In this class we work!

Chair Fitness (20 minutes, low sweat): This no impact workout focuses on toning, slimming and strengthening the arms, back, legs, butt and thighs. This workout will change the "hunched over a desk" into proper alignment with stretches that melt away your stress. This class instructs you on how you can stay fit anywhere, including your desk. Chair Fitness class protects knees and back and is perfect for injury prevention and recovery.

Video Workout Class (20 minutes, moderate/high sweat): If you're nostalgic about 80's workouts with Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons and Denise Austin, this class will breathe life into the classics, introduce new videos and get the dust off your headband. This fun specialty video workout class is designed to re-engage and revitalize you. DVD's selected by the FitEngine team will seek participant feedback and reviews.

Founded in 1984, DNA provides a community hub for the highest quality dance training, choreographic exploration and innovative performance, developing new audiences and bridging communities. It provides valuable opportunities for the aspiring, emerging and established artist, including daily classes, certification courses, commissions, artistic residencies, along with studio and administrative office subsidies. DNA encourages professionalism, entrepreneurial cross-discipline initiatives, community engagement and diverse artistic expression. It was the first nonprofit arts organization to move to Lower Manhattan after 9/11, serving as a renewing force in NYC's cultural landscape. To learn more about DNA and supporting its programs through charitable donations, visit

Based in NYC, FitEngine, Inc. is a trusted source for providing detailed fitness information paired with kinesthetic body analyses to help its audience affectively achieve fitness level and goals through personalized routines. Founded in 2001, FitEngine has more than 11 years ofexpertise in navigating NYC's fitness, dance, yoga, Pilates and wellness classes. Its core program, Fitness Concierge, matches highly skilled fitness advisors with clients to build tailored fitness and wellness programs that spans all levels. FitEngine produces the yearly NYC Dance Week, a yearly festival that advocates dance conditioning and wellness. The also produce consistent digital content such as videos and written reviews of classes and formerly produced Tendu and FitEngine Magazines.