Watch: Comedian Rajiv Satyal's One-Man Show NO MAN'S LAND

Watch: Comedian Rajiv Satyal's One-Man Show NO MAN'S LAND

After 20 years of bad dates and failed relationships, Rajiv Satyal has finally found the love of his life and now wants to share the hard-learned secret of his success.

The former Procter & Gamble executive-turned-comedian has released his one-man show "No Man's Land" on YouTube. Unlike the myriad other relationship-advice books and videos that proliferate the market, Satyal's words of wisdom are available at no charge to viewers. Check it out below!

"I'm doing this as a gift to the millions of single men out there, who are in the same predicament I was," explained Satyal, who was once called "the funniest P&G marketer ever" by Advertising Age Magazine.

So funny, in fact, that Satyal, who is Indian-American, was among three comedians sent by the U.S. State Department in 2012 to tour India with a show he co-created titled "Make Chai, Not War," to engender goodwill among countries. Although critically acclaimed, the show became a political pawn when Senator and now presidential candidate Rand Paul (R-KY) used it to criticize then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an example of what he viewed as wasteful spending.

Meanwhile, "No Man's Land," which Satyal performed to sold-out theaters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Cincinnati, is a brutally honest but funny exploration of Satyal's failure with women.

"The show was really about defining manhood in modern society," Satyal said. "I wanted to confront myself on the question of why I was still single in my mid-30s. Standing on stage and owning up to my mistakes was very powerful."

In 2014, Satyal decided to stop performing "No Man's Land" after meeting Harsha Mistry, a Texas pharmacist, on a dating website. They fell in love, and in December of 2014, became engaged on stage at The Funny Bone in Newport, Kentucky, while Satyal was opening for former "Saturday Night Live" star Kevin Nealon.

"I am getting so tired of doing this," Nealon quipped, as he toasted the couple. "Every night with him, it's a different girl he brings up."

Video of the proposal can be seen here.

Satyal and Mistry were married in Austin, Texas, in July, 2015. Several of Satyal's friends from the comedy world were in attendance, including actor Ed Weeks from "The Mindy Project" and superstar comedian Russell Peters, who did a set, and even took over the turntables to DJ. Satyal joked during his wedding speech, "I finally got him to open for me."

Satyal's latest one-man show, "I Am..." is a humorous look at identity and is a play on his successful viral videos, "I AM OHIOAN" and "I AM INDIAN," the latter of which was shared by Bollywood stars Abhishek Bachchan and Preity Zinta, and even played immediately before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in Shanghai last May.

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