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  • Big Brother Season 19  Aug 20 2017, 06:05:58 AM

    I dont like his personality at all...but he's playing a good game.

  • Big Brother Season 19  Aug 18 2017, 07:16:46 PM

    I don't know; I could see Christmas getting him out - or at least knowing he should go.

  • Trump -- once again -- fails to condemn the alt-right, white supremacists  Aug 13 2017, 02:29:20 PM

    I can honestly say I don't think I've truly known the feeling of hate before this man ran for, and got into, office.  

  • Big Brother Season 19  Aug 12 2017, 05:51:24 AM

    ArtMan said: "Jessica is the type that never owns their own actions.  In her post interviews, she stated everything that the house has done to her and Cody.  No mention of her nasty behavior.  If you watch/read the feeds, she has been  sexually violating the private parts of both the men and women.  Julie should have asked her about that, but they don't want to publicize anything that may make CBS look bad.  



  • Big Brother Season 19  Aug 11 2017, 07:29:03 PM

    They are disgusting, immature, hateful people.   I truly think there is something wrong with Cody, that is one mentally unstable young man.  That both will be met with "celebrity" status makes me feel ill.    (And I think it's interesting Julie told them there would be no other chance to get back in the game.  I still feel as if the producers manufactured this one just to get Cody back in.


    I do feel bad for those that will be

  • Big Brother Season 19  Aug 6 2017, 08:41:43 PM

    If they're smart (IF) as soon as they get rid of Jess & Cody, they'll get rid of Paul.

  • TNT's Will...anyone watching?  Aug 1 2017, 11:41:23 PM

    About 5 episodes in, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm assuming it is largely fictionalized, but don't really care too much.

  • Valerian.....ugh.  Jul 29 2017, 04:56:31 AM

    Has got to be one of the worst films I've ever seen.

    Acting - awful 

    Writing - awful

    Direction - not good

    Story line - mundane and unfocused 

    CGI  - good

    Make up design - interesting 

    Trailer for A Wrinkle in Time  - excellent. 


    I could elaborate, but I've already wasted too much time with this film.

  • Getting to LGA early Monday morning?  Jul 25 2017, 03:31:59 PM

    That time of day should be a breeze indeed.  (Lucky you.)

  • Avon 39  Jul 24 2017, 12:53:53 PM

    Congrats on all your accomplishments!


    How far/close are you to your goal?  I've already donated, but I'm just curious.   Rooting for you!

  • Has anyone taken the bus from Boston to NYC?  Jul 22 2017, 09:00:51 AM

    Yes, there is nothing that can be done about traffic!  There is definitely a lot of variation due to that.  I have to admit I usually take a 7am bus IN to NY, getting in between 11-12, and very often take the 12:15am bus home, getting in between 4 and 5.      Those hours don't often have many issues with traffic, but, of course, it doesn't take much to throw a monkey into things.

  • Big Brother Season 19  Jul 21 2017, 12:53:21 PM

    ^I was thinking about interference when it was announced the first 4 were going to have a chance to return.  ( don't remember them doing this kind of thing so very early.


    As for the Jessica thing, I think 2 things happened: they were more pissed at Cody, and Paul did a great job at smearing Dominque.  A shame, really.

  • The Big Sick  Jul 20 2017, 10:21:48 PM

    What a gem of a film. Funny, touching, insightful .   Lovely.

  • Any directors want to try an online auditions + rehearsal scheduling tool?  Jul 19 2017, 07:53:54 PM

    Sounds quite interesting.  Do you have a model that one can look at?  How much control does the director have as to what information is asked for?

    What is the cost expected to be?   Is it per show? Per season?  Does it save actor/crew info or do they have to re submit each time?

  • Has anyone taken the bus from Boston to NYC?  Jul 19 2017, 07:49:25 PM

    Taking busses OUT of Boston is a lot easier then back.  I would only suggest: Megabus, Bolt or Greyhound....although Greyhound has the most trips and had become much more reliable then the others.  Returning to Boston, I suggest ONLY using Greyhound, especially with luggage, for 2 reasons: 1. the others have street pickup and Mega, in particular, is a pain to get to with luggage.  You are also stuck outside regardless of the weather conditions.   2. Neither Mega or Bolt ha

  • Has anyone taken the bus from Boston to NYC?  Jul 19 2017, 03:42:43 PM

    I take the bus all time, and seldom have problems.  It's usually much cheaper than the train and not that much slower.


    All the other info you got from Uncle Charlie is spot on.

  • Book Recommendations  Jul 8 2017, 05:12:21 AM

    I've been reading Ravensbruck, a book about the all-womens concentration camp during the Holocaust.


    Not your typical  summer fare, but I'm researching for s play I'm directing.  Horrifyingly riveting.

  • The Big Sick  Jul 8 2017, 05:05:23 AM

    I can't wait to this. .it looks great. 

  • Traveling to Boston-Some questions  Jul 5 2017, 07:03:56 PM

    I agree with the comments about the Bull & Finch (the ACTUAL bar Cheers is based on)  It IS touristy, but not horribly, and how can you NOT stop in for a drink or burger?


    Another easy and fun place to stop by, especially if you're a foodie, is the Boston Public Market.   You can do a GREAT lunch or dinner there, but it's super casual with limited seating.   (It's all local fooderies....some for shopping, some for consuming)  Traveling to Boston-Some questions  Jul 4 2017, 08:52:14 PM

    My two go-tos are The Huntington and The ART.  Neither has much going on in the summer.  (Or at least in July)


    You'll find the subway much easier here as it's only 5 lines, and the silver line isn't used much.   Grab the app "moovit" to help navigate.