Waking The Dragon Political Thriller By Pamela Martin is Released

Waking The Dragon Political Thriller By Pamela Martin is Released

Pamela Martin-Duarte, author and serial entrepreneur, releases her second thriller novel in the Hard Whispers series just in time for some big summer reading. Known for her global marketing expertise with the Luxury Council in Texas and her no B.S. character on the popular NBC Universal hit Big Rich Texas, Pam has created a thought provoking thriller series titled Hard Whispers. Her second book in the series, titled Waking The Dragon, has once again utilized dynamic characters and plot to create what readers are calling "a gripping story that dances on the edge of reality and takes readers on a global adventure like no other."

Pamela Martin explores compelling social issues and government plots that take the reader on a page turning, fast paced passage into the life of unforgettable protagonist, Pamela Graham.

"I am thrilled to have the support of Greenleaf Book Group on this project," said Pamela. "Waking The Dragon is a page turner that you cannot put down and a story that I could not stop writing." As some people have said - "The book has eerily predicted what is happening in today's world news and predicted most likely what will be reported in the news of tomorrow."

Waking The Dragon is infused with intrigue that will take readers on an unexpected journey alongside a brilliant hero who explores conspiracy theories and modern espionage in a masterful landscape.

Waking The Dragon by Pamela Martin is available exclusively with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBooks, iBooks, Sony, Kobo, Goodreads, Borders, Over Drive, BLIO and Ingram.

Published By Greenleaf Book Group Austin, Texas

For more information about Hard Whispers and Waking The Dragon, please visit http://www.wakingthedragon.us.

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